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The Home Smithy
The Home Smithy, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  30 years repairing appliances
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I have an Whirpool washing machine top loader. The timer is

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I have an Whirpool washing machine top loader. The timer is very worn. Can't locate one anywhere on the net anyway. Model WL 44380. Should I let it go? Or, can i find a timer?

Hi. I'm Smitty. I am a professional appliance repair consultant here to help you diagnose, and repair, your appliance.

There are companies that can rebuild your timer. Give me a couple minuets to get the contact information for you.

You will have to send in your old timer, but they may have one already rebuilt that they can send right out for you.


The Home Smithy and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you

Stan, it appears that they no longer rebuild your timer, but they should have one in stock that they can send you.

You will have to call them to see if they do.

If they dont just let me know and I will provide an alternate company. I have worked with this company in the past and have not had a problem with any of the timers and oven controls purchased from them.

Call toll free at 1-888-606-0090

Or email to: [email protected]

If you have any problems please let me know. I wil be happy to asist you further if needed.

Best, Smitty


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The company you mentioned doesn't have the timer in stock. Nor, do they rebuild them as you said. You said you would con't. with me. What's next Smithy?



Stan I need you to please confirm the model number. It is not showing as a good number in my data base.

Make sure that you are getting the number from the manufacturers label on the unit, and not from a manual or invoice.

I need it to confirm if this next place can do the repair for you. If you would like to do this yourself you can contact them at(NNN) NNN-NNNN

Best, Smitty

The Home Smithy and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Smithy;


Indeed the model # WL- 44380 I added a dash that may make a difference. It's the manufactures label from under the lid.

Smithy I'm confused and do need to clear up this deal. I was under the impression that we or I had 7 days of unlimited use of the just ask.

After rating this latest question I got asked to pay 50.00 more??

What's up with that. This machine is not worth throwing that kind of cash at you know.

Cheers for now


Stan, it is because you rated twice. I will submit a request for refund of the second accept. Sorry for the inconvienience.

As for the special offer I have no knowlege of the offers that Justanswer/Pearl sends to the customer. You would have to contact customer service for that information.

I just realised why I am having so much difficulty locating the model number. It is a Canadian model. I will have to research this for you. I should have something by this evening though. If anything I have a contact in Canada I can check with.

Thank you for your patience.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Oh, Hey Smithy;


Sorry, I took so long to reply. Had a shift to do.

So, you got highly rated a couple of times, gotta love that. The refund is in progress. No problem.

Re: Just so you know the special is a seven day thing - free questions kinda a trial to see if I want to sign up for a monthly subscription. The offer turns into a Pumpkin on the 17th.


So, your right the washer was made in Toronto.

I did phone the second contact you gave me and that sounded hopeful. but of course they are closed today-

Sounds like you're saying it makes a difference if it was made in Canada.

Sounds good! Your on the right tract then!! I'll keep my fingers crossed. I would be thrilled to get a timer for this unit.

A question come up today about this. Just curious. What sort of function does the lid switch have with the timer. Does it affect how the timer works?

Anyway, Best off luck


Warm regards,



Stan, lets hope they can help you. I can not find anything on your model number except that it doesnt exist (anymore?). I have tried all of my parts houses, the whirlpool tech site, and my friend in Calgary has no clue either. Its as if it never existed.

Can you get me the part number from the timer. I should be able to do something with that.

Best, Smitty

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Smithy;


Trust me to have a washer that doesn't exist.

The number for the timer on the back reads M 520 7.5A 240V AC 15A 125VAC.

So, I figure it could be wired 240V or 125V. Any way that's what's on the back of the timer.

Gotta scoot

Best of luck


Stan i just spent a bit of time going through a list of search permutations and have come up empty handed. I did however at least figure out what the part number is.

Have a look at the timer on the web page below. See if it is the same one in your unit.

If it is you can post to places like Ebay and craigs list as a request for the part.

Aside from that I have exhausted all of my resources plus some.

Here are the permutations I tried along with the part number as well:

maytag m520 timer8
model m520 timer7
whirlpool m5203
whirlpool model m5203
m520 "maytag"2
washer timer model m5202
m520 dishwasher timer whirlpool1
whirlpool washer timer m5201
m520 dishwasher timer1
model m520 washer timer1
model m520 washer1
timer m5201
kenmore washer timer replacement m5201
maytag washer parts m5201
maytag washer timer model m5201
maytag washer timer m5201
timer wirlpool model m5201
maytag washer timer model m520 knob1
mechanical diagram of whirlpool m520 washer timer1
maytag model lat8804aae m5201
kenmore m520 timer1
whirpool m520 parts1
washer timer m5201
inglis m5201
maytag timer model m5201
whirlpool timer m5201
dishwasher timer m520 inglis1
m520 maytag washing machine timer1
m520 washing machine timer1
m520 dish washer timer1
maytag m5201
model m520 timer part for maytag washing machine1
maytag model m5201
model m520 whirlpool timer1
dishwasher timer part m5201
maytag timer m5201
maytag washing machine m5201
washing machine, model m520 3710001
dishwasher timer model m5201
maytag dishwasher timer m520

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


A short note to say thanks. We finally did it.. I had a thought and checked number on the back of that timer and plugged it into ebays scene. and got a match but, it has been an absolute nightmare signing into ebay. I'm still not. two days Just so you know it was a 200 56311 # just above the model #.

I'm asking to to shut off the offer to justask. I have been billed a bit more than I expected. In experience I guess.

Again I just wanted to stick my neck out and give you a hight 5


Stan I would love to help you shut off your subscription to Justask but I dont answer questions there. ;-)

However if you would like to cancel any subscriptions or offers here at Just Answer Im sure our customer service staff can handle that for you.

You can contact them at 1.888.862.9212

Thanks for the high 5 and your patience.

Best, Smitty

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