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I have a Siemans refrigerator that is wired for the United

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I have a Siemans refrigerator that is wired for the United Kingdom. I have brought it to the USA and hope to re wire it to work over here. Is this possible?

I am willing to replace the condenser or anything else that will make it work.

How do I find someone to fix it in my area of USA, Atlanta Georgia?

Welcome to Just Answer!

To enable the unit to operate in the US on 115 volt, 60 cycle alternating current all of the fan motors and the electronic control module and the compressor condensing unit would have to be replaced.

The replacements would not be Siemens parts that fit perfectly, but after market american components. Cost of the parts would be in the range $500-$600 USD. Labor would be in the range of $1,000.

It will be an exceptionally rare US appliance company that would risk taking on the job... and there would be no warranty on any of that work. It is generally not practical to have this sort of conversion done.

Tell me if you have already shipped the refrigerator to the US or not... we can go from there.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, the fridge is here and I paid a lot for it as it is stainless steel even on the outer sides.

I don't mind paying the quoted amount as it will cost me a lot more to buy a new fridge. I realize there will be no guarantee so where will I find a appliance company in Atlanta Georgia to do the work?

Failing this how can I dispose of the fridge as nobody will want it?

How about if I can rewire my kitchen to take my UK appliance including an extractor hood - is this legal?

Hello again, the problem is not in the house wiring. It is the type of electrical power that the US power grid delivers.... it delivers Alternating current that reverses direction 60 times a second.... in the UK and EU it is 50 types per second.

Those two don't mix. There * are converters for small items like printers, but for larger items that have larger motors in them there is not much on the market that I am aware of. .. they are expensive and tend to create reliability issues. I will see what I can find however.

If you can give me the model number of the Siemens refrigerator I can possibly look it up, or you can find the name plate on the refrigerator that has the model number on it and tell me what *voltage and if it states, 50 or 60 hertz on it.

I will also search Atlanta for you and get some numbers you can call for estimates if they are willing to do the work.


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The chances are thin that Curtis will recommend you have this conversion done, he is however the highest recommended appliance repair man in Atlanta by a wide margin. Call him and let me know what he says.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Phil

I must wait until Monday to let you know the hertz as I am away from home until then.

What do you think about my extractor is this motor easier to change out?

I will call Curtis Jones later today, thank you for the contact.


Hello again!

I am hoping that your refrigerator might be rated for *both* 50 herts and 60 hertz..thats what I am looking for. I know that its current rating is 50 hertz because all of Europe is 50 Hertz... there is a very slim chance that yours is rated for both.... thats what I am looking for.

You can buy a new garbage disosal (extractor) for less than you can have the motor replaced... you can look on its label also for a dual hertz rating however,

I will be very interested in the details of what Curtis tells you,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Not a garbage disposal Phil, its an extractor fan with a glass hood and it gets fitted via a stainless steel pipe which in turn gets vented through the attic to the outside. It's very good looking.
It's made by Guttman a German company I think, this was also expensive and I would also like to convert this as well.

I am e-mailing the kitchen shop that fitted my Leicht kitchen (German) and supplied me with all my appliances to see if they can give me the info on the hertz. The refrigerator is in storage and shipping wrapped so it would be very hard for me to see the details about the model and the hertz etc.

I plan to get in touch with Curtis Jones as soon as I can give him more information which won't be until Monday as I am out of town right now.

Will keep you posted

Hello again, in the US we call those exhaust hoods. Those fans are a lot less sensitive to differences in frequency than high torque motors such as the compressor motor in your refrigerator... those fan motors are not overly expensive.

Curtis should be able to fix you up with a workable replacement rated for 120 volt current... he may have to make a new bracket for it however. Lets see what he says.

Stay in touch as needed.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Phil

My Siemans model number is KG 57U95 and it may 50/60 hertz.

This is the info I got from the kitchen company in the UK, they say that the new refrigerators are now all 50 but there was a time when they were 50/60 hertz and the voltage is 230-240.It was purchased in 2003 so there is a good chance that mine is this type. The only other thing I can do is go over to the storage and unpack it but this would be very difficult for me also I still haven't managed to speak to Curtis Jones although I plan to try to contact him again tomorrow now that I have more information. He may say " no way" in which case I will just have to forget the whole thing, In the meantime please check on the model number for me as my free seven day trial is due to run out.



Hello again, here is the spec sheet on that unit, it is not downloading for me, see if you can down load it and see if the electrical spec list says HERTZ 50/60 or just


In the meantime I will try to get to download properly on this end.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

why are we not asleep!

I have managed to get the whole spec sheet via my contact in the UK and it's now definite that it's 50 hertz - bad news right?

Yes bad news unfortunately,
we are not asleep because I can live for q month here in antiqua guatamala on what I make staying up late doing this for a week, :)

Lets see what Curtis says.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you Phil

I may have to cancel my membership today or tomorrow as this is my only question at this time. I have enjoyed talking to you and have found your advice very helpful. It doesn't look very promising regarding my fridge so I may have to start looking for something else. I will still keep plugging away with Curtis Jones and see what transpires. Unfortunately I won't be able to let you know what his answer is unless I rejoin.

I will be able to convert my exhaust hood by the sound of it.

Thanks again Phil

Hello again, thanks for the compliments.

You do not need a subscription to respond to this thread however... just log onto JA, click on your question and start typing. I should get it.