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Technician-Josh, Home Appliance Tech
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Experience:  Certified appliance repair tech.Factory trained.
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I have a Model # XXXXX Samsung Refrigerator which isnt

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I have a Model # XXXXX Samsung Refrigerator which isn't making any ice.
I've checked:
The water line - getting water to the electric one way valve
Replaced the one way valve
Replaced the water filter in the refrig
Manually tested the ice maker - if functions when the side button is depressed and a signal is heard after tens seconds.
The temperature settings are correct - 2 degrees

No water seems to be getting to the ice maker trays.
Any ideas?


Technician-Josh : Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX i will be helping you today.
Technician-Josh : When you pushed the button for manual test, did you hear any vales in the rear humming? If not remove compressor cover panel,and locate the ice maker valve, remove the wires that are connected to it and put a meter on the 2 wires and set the meter for ac voltage run the test again and check the meter for 120v ac. If you have voltage it's either a bad valve or frozen delivery tube. Get threw this test and I will let you know how to Diagnose between frozen tube or bad valve.

Hi Josh-


I did replace that valve when I started trying to figure out what was going on. Without pushing the manual 'button', I can hear the ice maker cycling but again, no ice.


Hi Josh-


Hi Josh - I replaced that one way valve when I first started to figure out what was wrong. Without hitting the manual test button, I can hear the ice maker cycling when I'm in the kitchen but no ice. I'd hear that the water tube can freeze up but see see where the tube enters the freezer/ice maker. If you could clue me in where this is and how to unfreeze it, I'd really appreciate. - Sorry, everytime I hit the 'enter key, my screen vanished -Thanks, Tim

Technician-Josh : Sorry about the delay but I just got your message. You will have to remove the ice maker to see the fill tube. What I usually do to check if it's frozen is, I remove the tube from the valve and blow threw it. It you can blow threw it then it is not frozen. If it is not frozeno
Technician-Josh : If it is not frozen, then you need to check for power at the valve.

Josh- Checked and there is power to the valve -


Josh - is there a procedure to remove the ice maker ?

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