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I have emptied my freezer and it wont be used for two or more

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I have emptied my freezer and it won't be used for two or more years. I have been told I should not turn it off completely, but should leave it running on low until I want to use it again. Something to do with the freeon. Is that true? If it remains unused for years will it not work when turned on again?
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for choosing our service.

Is the freezer frost free or the no frost type? If you could find the model number I could see all of the parts in it and be able to tell you more about it other than just the basic information. That would help because I am familiar with the different styles and models.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The freezer I refer to is in another house and I can't access the information you request. Sorry. I was just wondering if it has to be running when it is not in use. Will turning it off and just letting it sit there for a long period of time will do it damage, possibly rendering it unusable in the future? Can't I turn it on later and expect it to work?



Hi Joyce,

Most of the time what happens is this. Frost free freezers have a fan inside that circulates air. This fan will become stuck and not circulate the air. These are upright freezers. So in this case I would say just remember the problem when you turn it on will most likely be minor and the fan inside the freezer will need to be replaced to correct it.

As far as for other models both chest type and upright freezers, over that length of time it is not going to make a difference. Turning one off for 2 years will not make a difference.

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