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I have a GE Profile TBX25PR refrigerator. My problem is with

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I have a GE Profile TBX25PR refrigerator. My problem is with the ice dispenser on the automatic ice maker. The mouth of the dispenser, from where the cubes are ejected, repeatedly freezes up following inactivity of 24 hours or more. Cubes are made and the storage bin does fill up. What I have just discovered is that there is some sort of a black "flap" within the door dispenser opening, that I believe should be closing when ice is not being dispensed and it is not closing. As such, it looks like the warm air that is allowed to enter this unsealed opening is causing the mouth of the dispenser to freeze. I have tried to move this "flap" without succes. Any suggestions?

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What you need to do is unsnap or snap on the flap from the part that holds it on. But usually that is not the problem. Usually it is the black solenoid rusting on the upper right side behind the dispenser control.

Unplug the refrigerator and the faceplate of the dispenser snaps off. Behind that you will see screws, remove those. Then remove that whole inside part. The solenoid will be on the left or the right. Usually that is the problem.

There is a water tank behind the crisper drawers, check that tank to see if it is warm, maybe a light is staying on inside near the tank. If not check the water line underneath the fridge and see if maybe it is near a hot part of the parts under there. And lastly try cleaning underneath, then go around back with the refrigerator on. Check to make sure your fan back there is working to pull the heat out from under the refrigerator.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your information. It looked right on but once I got to removing the faceplate and there was some resistance in my attempt to remove the "whole inside part", I decided to leave this one to the experts. I have a service contract, with a $100 deductible and I decided that if I continued, it could cost me more than what I paid for your help and the deductible, combined. Been there! Done that! As long as someone's coming, I'll let them look into the warm water situation too. Thanks again.

Thanks for letting me know Ralph and thank you for the opportunity.

Take care,