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Model ARB9059CS Amana. Icemaker will not make ice. No power

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Model ARB9059CS Amana. Icemaker will not make ice. No power at icemaker. Unplugged and checked for power at incoming harness. Still no power. Is there a fuse or switch someplace that controls power to icemaker? (all other fridge functions are fine)

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today

How are you checking the power ? are you pushing the light button in when testing the harness ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have checked power using a multimeter across L and N. Also checked at the receptacle on rear wall of freezer, also using multimeter. Pushed in light button both times.

Also tested the freezer switch (removed and tested continuity). Also jumpered the wires that attach to the freezer switch (thereby bypassing the switch). Still no power to the icemaker nor to the receptacle in the rear.

I also bench tested the motor on the icemaker (jumped power) and the motor spins a full revolution. It is behaving as if there were a bad fuse or relay in the line that supplies power to the icemaker

graphictheres a fusible link in the ice maker harness. but from what your saying you tested the connect before this harness at the back of the freezer correct ? and the wiring shows one in line but it looks like its the same one, heres the wiring diagram.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Correct. I tested for power 'upstream' of the icemaker harness (black to white at the receptacle on back wall). Frustrating because this is basically a very simple device, but for some reason it is just not getting power. Heck, I even swapped the water filter.

In the past I have had icing problems where, I think (could be wrong) I had an iced up water line. In the past I unplugged fridge for a couple hours, plugged in, and worked fine. Tried that this time but no go.


okay pull the light switch again and be careful, test for 120 volts with the light switch pushed in. test where I put the arrow. graphic
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, so I just went back to redo something I thought I had done. I tested for power at the rear receptacle with the light switch depressed. Eureka. Got line power.

I see the fuse in the power line to the icemaker. Is it replaceable?

no but the harness is itself. do you know how to cycle this ice maker from the front ? plug the ice maker back in and take the front white cover off, then use a piece of wire 4 inches long. stripped at both ends about an inch stick the wire in the T&H holes (make sure the light switch is pushed in ) and this should start turning. once it turns about 5 seconds pull the wire out and see if it goes all the way around. graphic
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, so WE fixed it. While I sat staring at the icemaker here on my desk trying to figure out how to replace the fuse, I noticed that the harness that connects the fridge to the icemaker actually PLUGS IN both ends (I assumed hardwire to icemaker). And the plug was out 1/8 inch. Pushed it in, remounted icemaker to fridge, jumped T&H, and the sonovabitch started turning (with light switch depressed). It sounded like it filled with water so I THINK I am fixed. Thank you for your help. I can now call off the planned repair visit (which probably carries with it a $75 'show up' fee.

Yes you got it ! Good Job ! call the company and cancel thats all. if they say to late just don't be home ! LOL they cant charge you if your not there ! thanks and please remember to rate me 3 or above before you leave, have a great night. Bryan
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