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I have a kitchenaid #kssc42QMS that had a control board go

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I have a kitchenaid #kssc42QMS that had a control board go bad. I purchased a new board and replaced it yesterday. Everything is operating correctly but the ice maker. I get LED light at all for the aquasense. Is this related to the control board or is this just a coincidence?

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I'm sorry to hear about all the problems you're having with this refrigerator, but this is just going to be a coincidence even though I rarely believe in coincidences myself. The icemaker and the infra red itself has nothing to do with the control board. But if you don't get a flashing light on the right infra red sensor, you just need to order and replace the infra red sensors. Below is a link to the emitter boards you need to replace for your model.

CLICK HERE for part

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the quick response. I did disconnect a few of the cable connections to better access the control board during replacement. Is there anyway that this could cause the problem? IE the ice maker is not getting power? How would I test to see if the ice maker is getting power. One other question, I did read that for some GE models that the replacement control board is sometimes not compatible with the ice maker and ths needs to be replaced. Any chance this is the cause. Sorry if I am asking ignorant questions, just want to make sure that I cover everything before ordering the new part. Last thing, is the infa red sensor difficult to change on my own? Looks like a couple of screws and a connector. Sorry for all the questions. Really appreciate your help.

for GE and some french door models, yes you can have issues with compatibility---not on this unit.

The infra red sensor is easy to change---below is a video

CLICK HERE for video

As for possibly having a connector not connected correctly--you will likely need a technician to come out and look to see what could have gone wrong, but below is a picture of the freezer control board and I have circled the plug that goes to the emitter boards.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Really appreciate your quick answers. For the diagram you sent me, is this connection connecting to the control board or is it outside the control board? I don't think I have anything not connected securely. Is there anything I can do without a technician to make sure that it is just not a power issue to the led/ice maker? Sorry for all the follow-up questions, this should do it. JR

It's connected to the control board directly. But there really isn't much you can do but to replace the emitter boards at this time if everything is plugged in. If you still had problems, then you'd need to call a techncian out, but I really doubt there is anything to this other than a bad emitter board if everything is plugged in.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just replaced the emitted boards and still not led light?

I'm not sure what to say, possibly you got a defective control board, but other than that you'd really need a technician to come out and look at the unit if the wiring is messed up somehow.