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My Maytag Jetclean EQ Plus does not drain off after the "Normal Cycle". When sel

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My Maytag Jetclean EQ Plus does not drain off after the "Normal Cycle". When selecting "Drain Off" afterwards you her the signal sent to the pump but no pump action. Cycling the power sometimes allows everything to start working again for awhile (2-3 cycle runs). Might have heard something rattling around in the pump area (Very faint). Maybe something is periodically wedging in the pump blades?
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So this particular model uses the same motor to wash as it does to drain. The only difference between washing and draining is the the motor reverses directions. Now you will want to take the unit apart and check to see if anything could possibly be jamming the drain blade from moving, but if you find nothing, then you'll need to order and replace the impeller kit and see if that fixes the unit, and other than that you would need a new motor because it's not reversing for for some reason. There is a video at the bottom of the link that shows you how to replace the kit.

CLICK HERE for impeller seal kit

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So when I cycle the power the unit will drain and the wash cycle seems to work which would lead me to believe the pump and motor is okay. Maybe just a periodic jam. Do you think it is safe to rule out an electrical/control problem?

No, I really wouldn't rule out an electronic control problem or a bad pump and motor. The drain windings are completely different than the wash windings on the motor, so just because it washes doesn't mean that the motor is always working in drain. If you had a multimeter and you wanted to make sure the control is working, you'd need to test the wires down at the pump when it should be draining and it's not. You should have 120 volts between RED and BLUE as well as 120 volts between YELLOW and BLUE. If you have that power and it's not draining, then you know the control board is good.

There is really no way to test the motor to know if it's definitely good which is why you'll want to take it apart and make sure nothing is jamming the impellers and replacing the impeller seal kit if you find nothing.

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