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Hi there JustAnswer folks- I have an older model Dacor Over

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Hi there JustAnswer folks-
I have an older model Dacor Over the Range Microwave (PMOR3021S). Recently, it stopped heating food. Light turns on, timer works, sounds like it is running, but the food is as cold as when it went in.

I have been doing some reading online (including the repair manual), and have seen a few potential causes:
1) Control Board
2) Magnetron
3) Inverter Unit
4) Bad switch (e.g. monitor switch or secondary interlock switch) in the door open mechanism.

I am pretty handy, so doing a DIY repair doesn't scare me. I was hoping someone could help guide me on what is the most likely cause, (e.g. should I replace the control board first) so I don't break the bank on repair parts.

Also, the LED display is getting dim (barely readable). Is the only way to fix this by replacing the control board?

Where do you find are the least expensive places for replacement part?

Thank you!
Hello. Thank you for choosing Just Answer. I will be helping you with your question today.

Do you have a multimeter?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Unfortunately not. It is packed with a bunch of my tools in storage. I could pick one up at the hardware store later today if that would be helpful.

First test you need to do is to see if the inverter is getting 120 volts when the microwave is turned on. If you dont have voltage then you have a bad door switch or a bad control board. If you do have voltage then the inverter of the magnetron is bad. There is no test you can do to figure out if problem is the magnetron or the inverter so i would just replace the cheapest one first. I recommend buying parts from They will take returned parts back for up to a year.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This is helpful guidance. I'll pick up another multimeter this afternoon. When you say "you have a bad door switch" which one do you mean, or which is the most likely one to have gone bad? Based on the repair manual, there are 4 or them:

1) Stop switch

2) Primary Interlock switch

3) Monitor Switch

4) Secondary interlock switch



You just need to test each switch one at a time by opening and closing the door and making sure the meter changes from open to closed or from closed to open.
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