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Why new Samsung fridge is losing cooling capability every so

Customer Question

Why new Samsung fridge is losing cooling capability every so often for past couple of days?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Ratchet replied 4 years ago.

Ratchet : Hi I'm ratchet, will help you with your issue. It is possible that you are noticing this during defrost. Defrost happens every 8 hours. During defrost a heater turns on and the fridge is shit down for 20 to 30 minutes. It can take the fridge a little time to get back to temp
JACUSTOMER-t40xf6ok- :

This just started yesterday morning, then cooling came back in the afternoon, then out over night and morning, now back this afternoon.

JACUSTOMER-t40xf6ok- :

We have never experienced this before - even if it is Defrost.

JACUSTOMER-t40xf6ok- :


Ratchet : I did not say that it It was the only potential problem. I always try to start with a simple explanation . After that we move on to other potential problems. How old is this unit? Do you have the model number? There can be a lot of potential issues, without proper information, problems are difficult to pinpoint. You have to remember that I am not there to diagnose your machine. The description was so vague. And you expect miracles. There are checks and tests that need to be done, and all I get is why is this happening?