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Francis, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 2086
Experience:  been working with refs, fridge, washers. dryers. dishwashers, microwaves for the past 12 yrs .
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My one month old GE 5 cubic foot freezer temp knob is set at

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My one month old GE 5 cubic foot freezer temp knob is set at 3. food inside is cold but not frozen. Help.

Francis : Hello, if you look at the side where the compressor is, ( Black steel ball ), is it running? Vibrating, or hot to touch? ( Be careful, it could be too hot to handle )
Francis : Was there any frost on the inside wall when the unit was working fine and now, there are no more frost visible on the inner wall of the unit?

I checked the black steel ball and it is warm - not hot, not cold.


There was no frost inside the freezer walls.

Francis : But, is it vibrating at the moment?

NO there is no vibration

Francis : Ok so it is not on at the moment. Try to set the temperature control to its maximum setting and we' ll see if the compressor would run.

I set it to the highest setting (7) and the compressor did not start.

Francis : Ok. That would be a problem. The compressor should have started already. When you said the garage temperature is about 45-50, is that farenheight?


Francis : Ok. Would you happen to have a voltmeter and are confident enough that you can measure live voltage?

No, I don't but I have a neighbor that is an electrician - he would be able to help me if you can


tell me what the "live voltage" should be..

Francis : What is your power at your outlet? 120 volts ? Or 220 volts?

I think it's 120...


220 would be for my clothes dryer...

Francis : Then that would be the voltage that he should be measuring on the wires that goes to the compressor. 120 volts.
Francis : Can you access the back of the thermostat controller? Can you see the wires attached to it? Unplug the unit first.

Okay, I'll try that...


I did that and it looks likes everything is connected.

Francis : Ok. But what I wanted you to do is disconnect the two wires connected to the thermostat and connect them together. This would tell us if the problem is the thermostat. Unplug the unit, remove the two wires attached to the thermostat. Connect them together, if you have an insulation tape, taped it up for safety, then plug the nit back to the wall and observe if the compressor will run. By the way, how many wires are attached to the thermostat and can you please give me their colors?

Francis, this is beyond my expertise - I am a 70 yr old senior and I cannot do this! I bought the freezer a month ago to save on food bills and now I have a mess on my hands!! HELP...


The wires are: red, white, black, and green.

Francis : Oh. I am sorry to hear that. What you can do is ask the help of your electrician neighbor and show him what we have discussed. All I am establishing here is why the compressor is not running? It is the cause why your food is not frozen, because the compressor is not running. Thank you for the colors of the wires. I would say it would be hard for me to tell you which wires to connect as well since you have 4 wires. I know green is for ground so do not use it. Then one of the three wires left is for the light, and the other two would be for the contact that your electrician friend would need to connect together.
Francis : From this point , I can not tell the wires to connect but your electrician friend could probably trace it.

The wires are all connected...

Francis : Yes, they are all connected but if the thermostat is not making contact inside, then the compressor will not run. That is what I want to check here. I will manually connect the two wires to give power to the compressor to make sure that it is not the thermostat that is preventing the compressor from running.
Francis : iI want to jump the two wires. But my problem is which wires to jump together?

I don't know which wires are connected to what - it's whatever came from the factory..

Francis : yes they are. Would you know where the red came from? The black? And the white? Was there a wire that went to the compressor? A wire that came from the wires of the power plug?
Francis : Can you see what colors of wires went to the compressor?

The red wire goes to the tempeture dial and to the "greend rea


"green ready" light. The white and green wires go to the compressor and the grounding. Black wires comes out of the compressor.


Now, the compressor is getting hot...and it feels like it is running.

Francis : Ok. Probably, the contact in the thermostat cold have been made and now observe if you would have frost inside the freezer wall.

Okay, I'll keep an eye on it!!


How long should I wait to see if its working? Should I call you back or will you contact me? I don't want to have to pay another service call but your site said $30 for a month!!!

Francis : You should be seeing frost at the top part within 10 minutes if everything is ok. Just post back on this thread and I would see your post if I am off line.


Francis : You are welcome. I have to log off for a while. Will check your reply from time to time . Thank you for using this service.
Francis : Hello, It's been hours have past. How did it go? Did the compressor continue to run? Did the interior wall frosted inside the freezer by now? Thanks.

Thanks for staying in touch. The compressor is still running BUT The freezer is frosting up inside the freezer ONLY on the bottom. The things about 12" from the bottom are not frozen. They are very cold but not frozen. What do you think could be the problem.

Francis, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 2086
Experience: been working with refs, fridge, washers. dryers. dishwashers, microwaves for the past 12 yrs .
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Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX to help you with this and please rate my answer when you are satisfied either 3,4 or 5 for me to get credit for my work if the freezer is only a month or so old then the solution to your problem is to call GE service and have them look at it under your warranty
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The information given me yesterday 1/6/13 did not fix the problem. How can I contact a Service Repair technican in my area? Colorado Springs, what type of warranty information do they need?

1-800-GECares (1-800-432-2737) when you call them have your model and serial numbers ready in case they ask for them and that should be about all you need other than possibly the date you purchased the freezer, i hope this helps you
If you think that i have helped you and are satisfied with the answer you recieved please rate my answer a 3 , 4 or 5 so i can get credit for my work thank you for using the service and have a blessed day!