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My very expensive refrigerator gets "stuck" in recovery mode

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My very expensive refrigerator gets "stuck" in recovery mode and will not make ice. This ice maker has had serve 4 times now. Is there any way that I can get it back into ice making mode? thank you

These models have had quite a few bulletins issued on these upper icemakers. I would think that at this point all the suggested remedies have been applied, but all you say is that is was fixed 4x- not what was done, so all I can do is tell you what should have been done.

The fixes have included a new circuit board, checking the routing of a capillary tube above the evaporator fingers, replacing the ice level sensor mechanism, replacing the tilt-out freezer basket with a fixed basket, and finally putting silicone grease on all wiring connectors inside the icemaker compartment. So, if all those have not been done then they need to as these units will function if all the fixes have been applied. The last bulletin was about the silicone grease and that came out about 3 months ago.

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