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my lg front load TROMM will not run.

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my lg front load TROMM will not run. it has power the blinking blue start button is lit up. nothing happens when I push it

Appliance Parts :

Hi my name isXXXXX have been an appliance repair tech since 1992.
Let me pull the service manual and i will be back in a few. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX forward to helping you solve your issue with the washer.

Appliance Parts :

The best way to determine the fault of the washer is to run a test mode.

The laundry washer must be empty and turned OFF.
Press the SPIN SPEED and SOIL LEVEL buttons simultaneously.
While continuing to hold spin speed and soil level, also press the POWER BUTTON.
The buzzer will sound twice. Unit powers on.
Release first three buttons. Press START/PAUSE button once to enter test mode.
CAUTION! Test mode procedure change.
Push the START/PAUSE button ONLY ONCE at High Speed Spin.
When the drum is rotating at high rpm, never push the Start/Pause button repeatedly.
Unrepairable damage to the main board could result.

Number of times
Start/Pause button
is pressed

Check PointDisplay Status
NoneTurns on all lamps and locks the doorDisplay varies.
1 TimeTumble clockwiserpm (40~50)
2 TimesLow speed spinrpm
3 TimesHigh speed spin: DO NOT proceed until spin has STOPPEDrpm
4 TimesInlet valve for prewash turns onWater level frequency (25~65)
5 TimesInlet valve for main wash turns onWater level frequency (25~65)
6 TimesInlet valve for hot water turns onWater level frequency (25~65)
7 TimesInlet valve for bleach turns onWater level frequency (25~65)
8 TimesTumble counter clockwiserpm (40~50)
9 TimesHeater turns on for 3 secondsWater temperature
10 TimesCirculation pump turns onWater level frequency (25~65)
11 TimesDrain pump turns onWater level frequency (25~65)
12 TimesPowers off. Door unlocksAll lamps turn off
Appliance Parts :

Let me know if there is any error codes come up.


hi Rick, i got it into the test mode, (with all the lights on) but went to push the START/STOP one time nothing happend'


Hi Rick, I got it into the test mode (all lights one) but went to push the START/PAUSE nothing happend. also got a F8 code

Appliance Parts :

Ok let me pull the F8 code up

Appliance Parts :

Need to change the water valve, which comes into two parts:
5220FR2006H, and part# XXXXX
You should be able to remove the rear screws to the top, slide the top off and remove the water valve.
There is where the fill hoses connect to. Do a google search for best pricing or go to to order the parts. Thanks!
Rating my response does not close this question. After you rate me you can continue to ask follow-up questions at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. If you need anything else, please just let me know at any time.


thanks Rick

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