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Bob L Your Appl Pal, Home Appliance Tech
Category: Appliance
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I have a GE PDW 7880 Dishwasher that does not drain. After

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I have a GE PDW 7880 Dishwasher that does not drain. After checking out the drain line, the air gap and verifying the drain pump works and the drain valve is functional i reinstalled the unit and ran it through a full cycle. i noticed that it drains several times during a complete wash cycle however after the last rince the drain pump does not come on leaving water in the unit. I put the unit into service mode (found a document under the under the dishwasher describing the process) and test the drain pump and this will allow the dish washer to drain. my guess is i have some type of control unit issue but not sure what to do next. Thanks

appliance doctor :

Hi I,m John I will help you with the no drain problem.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry John, wasn't sure if i was supposed to keep hanging our or wait for an e-mail. i am here now.


Hello...I'm Bob..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today..Sorry you are having this problem..I see you have verified the pump does work..From what you are explaining you have a faulty Control Module..The module is not sending power to the pump at the end of the cycle.You can test this by starting the wash..When the unit gets to the final drain cycle..Test for power to the pump at the wire harness to the pump..CLICK HERE FOR MODULE
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am not sure how to check for power at the pump. There are two connectores on the drain pump. One appears to have on wire connected and the other has two (i am going from memory as the unit is back under the counter.) Do i measure across these two connectores? Where does this control module go, in the door?

Yes the control module is accessed by removing the door panel..Open the door..Remove the screws around the doors edge..Remove the panel...You would test for power between the two wire plug..A simple way to do this is to use a hand held voltage tester.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You said...."You would test for power between the two wire plug.." I am not sure I understand what you mean. Do I test for voltage between the two wire plug and the connector on the drain pump to which it connects?

Remove the two wire harness at the drain pump..With your meter test for power at the two wire plug coming from the control board(The plug you just removed from the drain pump) When the unit reaches the final drain cycle..You should have power at the two wire plug.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If not it is the control module. I probably won't get to it now until tomorrow so thrfe is power where do i go from there?

From what you have explained if the drain pump works during the cycle..Then your problem will be no power to the pump in the final drain cycle.
Bob L Your Appl Pal, Home Appliance Tech
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 7548
Experience: 23 Years Major Appliance Repair
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