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my amana fridge leeks water every couple of days , and the

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my amana fridge leeks water every couple of days , and the previous owners left only the basic instruction book...I know I should have a model # XXXXX couldn't find it inside. the fridge has a bottom freezer and ice forms on the floor of the freeze and eventually thaws to puddles on the kitchen floor ! I had the fridge pulled out by someone stronger than me as it does not seem to have coils on the back...and I could not locate the drain to see if it was plugged.. please hel
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Okay this definitely means the defrost drain is frozen.what you need to do is remove the inside panel at the back of the freezer. remove all your food from the freezer and the ice maker if you have one. there are screws holding the very back panel remove them and then the panel. you will see the evaporator coils and in the center under them there is a defrost drain. (probably covered in ice) boil some water and pour it over the ice until it melts and this drains freely again. I know this is a pain but there are only two ways to fix this. the other way is to remove all your food and unplug the refrigerator for 24 hours and leave the doors open, this however would require a place to put your food until its defrosted. I hope this helps. its a common problem on these. thanks and best wishes, Bryan
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How do you get past the drawers to unscrew the panel !! If and when I get this defrosted...where does it drain to...with all of my hot water and melted ice !!!

okay I really need your model number because all refrigerators are different.I cant look up anything without a model number. can you get that from inside the refrigerator ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I do not find a product # or any reference to amana but their name inside !!I don't have athe strengh to pull it out from the cubicle it is in and your water theory worked with hot air too..from a hair dryer ...that is what I have used for years on any thing that needs thawing...I had hoped there was a simpler solution.. Thanks anyway. I would like to cancel this account please.