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i replaced the electronic control board and still nothing.

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i replaced the electronic control board and still nothing. Power is on lights come on but no water or motor turning.
Strange since the motor and valve are two separate circuits. The only thing really common between them is neutral. Let me research the schematic again. I'll be back with you later on today.

Hello Geo,

Can you please double check your model number for me? I'm trying to do a search for it, and it's not coming up valid, even at Frigidaire's site. Thanks

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Its a Frigidaire Gallery Series model GLD2245RFCO
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX pulled up a GLD2445RFC0 because the model you listed again wasn't quite pulling up. Anyway, I looked over the schematic electrical diagram. The only thing common at this point if the board was replaced would be a broken wire, probably neutral. I'd check for continuity from the white wire at the door latch (With the door closed) to the white wire plugged into the motor. Ensure your unit does not have power applied during a continuity test. Use a multimeter set on the Ω scale. Take the front panel off the door by removing the two lowest screws on the door liner. Look for a broken wire in there, especially around where the bottom of the door is. Also, check for wiring damage underneath. Sometimes a mouse will chew through wiring. Nothing else is common to the motor and water valve. Even if the valve was defective, the motor would still start to run in 1 min. 35 sec. after the start button is pushed. Let me know what you find.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
how do you ck for continuity when the door is closed? I can get to the motor / water side underneath but not the door latch side because the door is closed. Is there something else I need to remove? Thx
Two lowest screws on the inner door liner panel. The outer panel will slide off. Just look hard for a broken wire.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No broken wire...I used my v-meter and found an absence of 120v on the front pair "tabs"of the door switch...I temporarily jumped the wires together bypassing the door switch and everything worked (water and motor) came on. Im ordering the switch make sense because the door switch is the most abused part of the dishwasher...I hope you can use this info for other customers ...Thx Smile
Very good! There's your break in the circuit. Usually Frigidaire dishwashers will display a CL if the door circuit is open. I guess yours doesn't have a display then? Glad you found it.
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