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SubZero_Wolf Expert
SubZero_Wolf Expert, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Child lock on my Bosch dishwasher flips on all the time. I

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Child lock on my Bosch dishwasher flips on all the time. I insert the matchstick to lock off. When the wash cycle is done, it is locked again. It is getting more difficult to push the child lock lever to the off position also.

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Hello, I can help you with this. Can you please confirm the brand and model. If you are referring to a mechanical lock that prevents the door from opening then perhaps you have an Asko? Let me know and I can assist.

Customer: Model is SHE47C. Bosch. Lock is a lever. Direction say to. Slip in a match stick and this little lever presses back into a slot under the recess which is grabbed to open the door.
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Thankls, I'm referencing that model right now.

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

do you have the rest of the model number? She47cxxxx/xx

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

NOt trying to be a pain but most of the She47 series doesn't have child lock. To look up parts I'd need the whole number. These are newer machines, how old is it?

Customer: Older machine 5-7 years. SHE47CO6UC/38
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Thanks for the number. THe latch part number is XXXXX It can be purchased HERE. If you remove the large door panel with the 6 screws on the inside, you can then remove the top panel with the six upper screws. This will allow easy access to the latch. It sounds like you may need a new latch but you could take it apart and see if the spring is off track.. The part is really cheap so you may just want buy it.

Customer: Do you mean that I would open the door and take out all the screws (3 on each side and 4 along the top= 10). Then the stainless interior comes off? It looks like one piece. Is there something else inside that panel that I will take off to get to the latch? Is this easy?
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

I think that this is quite easy. It would take a service person about 15min total repair. The outermost part of the door comes off with the six lowest screws on the inside of the door. Then the top panel comes off with the other side screws and the 4 up on the top. This will remove the whole top part that has the latch and control board on it. It would hang from the wires and you could then remove the latch. Of course easy is relative, depending on your level of skill.

Customer: That part sound easy. Is this a type of screw driver that I can find? It looks like a star and not a hex. I don't own that tool.
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

That type is commonly called a star drive and the correct size is T20. You could by that at any hardware store. It's a more Europe standard but becoming more so here everyday. Cost you a couple bucks.

Customer: Thanks! Will you give me the part number again? I am having a little trouble navigating on my iPad. I can't pull up the link. Then I will let you go. I appreciate your time! I will rate you as excellent!!
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

The part number is XXXXX you can find it on or Glad to be of service and feel free to post here if you have any trouble putting the new one in. Thanks for the positive review! Sam

Customer: Thanks Sam!
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