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Norcold n811rt the refrigerator worked fine yesterday. Today

Resolved Question:

Norcold n811rt the refrigerator worked fine yesterday. Today it shut off an the green was blinking. Not working on gas either.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  ApplianceTech replied 5 years ago.

Appliance Tech Care :

I will be glad to help you with your question today.

Appliance Tech Care :

Is the LED blinking at any interval or just flashing on and off?

Customer: Steady light then 2 flashes
Appliance Tech Care :

which LED, GAS or ON ?

Customer: Green light
Appliance Tech Care :

The top LED?

Customer: Yes the amber gas light stays on.
Appliance Tech Care :

ON LED flashes twice every three seconds.
Mode switch failure. Refrigerator operating in last selected mode.
Replace optical control assembly
What is the serial number?
I can get you the part number if this is something you want to do yourself
The part is the control console where the LEDs on located

Customer: Is there a reset switch for this model? I'll go look it up.
Appliance Tech Care :

No reset for this problem

Customer: Serial#9720105
Customer: Where is the optical control assembly located?
Appliance Tech Care :

It is the control console where the lights are located

Customer: Oh ok that looks simple enough I can do that myself.
Appliance Tech Care :


Appliance Tech Care :
Contact norcold for parts
If they won't sell direct, they will tell you where you can find a dealer.

Appliance Tech Care :

Do you have any other questions tonight?

Appliance Tech Care :

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Customer: Thanks
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