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Lost power - washer does not run - Have cleaned out the drain

Customer Question

Lost power - washer does not run - Have cleaned out the drain plug - still not operating - manuel reccomends checking/changing the fuse but I can not locate it - So where is and what type of fuse does the Ask 10505 have. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX NH
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Jon replied 5 years ago.

Jon Grella : Hello
Jon Grella : My name is jon and I am an authorized asko service tech and I can help you today
Jon Grella : The fuse is located near the the main control behind the console up top. Andonsomemodels there is a separate motor control board Down by the motor and there are could be a fuse down there as well.
Jon Grella : If you had a power surge then you tried your machineAnd you have no lights or function at all first make sure that there is power to the outlet th machine is plugged into. Then if there is full power to the outlet then pull the back access cover off the machine
Jon Grella : Hello
Jon Grella : How are you?
Jon Grella : Machine is not working at all since power went out?
JACUSTOMER-jrkbxaor- :

doing well thanks

JACUSTOMER-jrkbxaor- :


Jon Grella : Ok. No lights at all on timer or in machine?
JACUSTOMER-jrkbxaor- :


Jon Grella : Ok. Did you heck the outlet thmachine is plugged into ?
JACUSTOMER-jrkbxaor- :


JACUSTOMER-jrkbxaor- :

Ill take the panel off and check the fuse

Jon Grella : Ok. Make sure that it is all the way to the on position
JACUSTOMER-jrkbxaor- :


JACUSTOMER-jrkbxaor- :

ill be back in a while

Jon Grella : I know it sounds silly but most times it is the circuit. Or if you have a gfi outlet that the machine is plugged into you may have to resettle outlet to.
Jon Grella : There should be a rectangular reset switch inThe middle of the out let youhave to push in.
JACUSTOMER-jrkbxaor- :

ThanksI did check - not a gfci

Jon Grella : Ok. Good just making sure.
Jon Grella : I want to check everything outside ofthe machine first. Just being thorough
Jon Grella : I will be here. Let me know if the breaker is ok.
Jon Grella : Then I will show you how to checks he fuse in thmachine
Jon Grella : If the breaker is good. Then you will have to pull the back access cover off the machine. There are usually two access covers. One for the top and one for thbottom. If you can remove just the bottom then do so. If not you may have to remove the whole back panel.
Jon Grella : Remove the panel by removing the number 15 torques screws all the ay around. Then towar
Jon Grella : Towards the bottom of the machine you will see the motor and motor control. It is a computer encased in a plastic protector. And near there you should see something that looks these described as a spark plug in a car. That is the fuse. It looks like a fuse that has its own plastic protector. If you see that, remove the fuse casing and open it. Then pull the fuse out and check the fuse.
Jon Grella : If the fuse is blown replace it. If not then we will check one more fuse if you r model has it. There should be a fuse located near the power cord or terminal block. Now again, not all models have these fuses. So if you don't see them you have a model witht the fuses in the main control board.
Jon Grella : If you can pull the machine out and take the access cover off and locate the terminal block where the main power comes in to, if you have a meter you can check to see that you have power coming in from the supply to your machine. Do this even before you check the fuses
Jon Grella : If you have power at the terminal block then proceed with fuse checks. If no power to the machine from outlet to the terminal block. Check th plug, you may have a fuse on the main plug.
Jon Grella : If after checking the power cord the terminal block and fuses on this machine and all checks good. Then you will have to replace the main control board. The power outage or surge has most likely fried the main board.
Jon Grella : I can get you part info for the parts so thatyou an order on line or from asko directly.
Jon Grella : Just get back to me here after you have checked the machine and I will get you that info. Or email me back here I this chat if you have any trouble checking the machine and I will help you further.
Jon Grella : Please remember to hit a smiley face below if ou feel that I have helped you.
Jon Grella : Thanks.
Jon Grella : To help you with the parts breakdown of the machine you can go to this is a website that sells parts for asko and other manufacturers to. But there you can see the complete breakdown pictures and parts diagrams of your machine it may help you
Jon Grella : Here is a link to the parts breakdown picture of where the fuses are.
Jon Grella : Here is a picture of where the fuse is located next to the motor and machine control it is off to the left of the computer board.
Jon Grella :
Jon Grella : I will be logging off for a little while but you can keep responding here and I will get an update to my phone and respond back to you here. So run the checks I describe above Ansley me know what you find and we can proceed.
Jon Grella : And if you feel that I can help you with this machine and help you to fix it in thquickest and cheapest way possible please hit one of th smiley faces below and I will continue helping you.
Jon Grella : Thanks.

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