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My diswasher makes a growling noise when it seems to cycle

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My diswasher makes a growling noise when it seems to cycle in the wash mode. The dishes are still being cleaned but it does not seem as hot as it was once. Noise is becoming louder by the day. Concerned about safety issues, fire, borken water lines, etc.
What should I look into to correct. I am a DIY'er and can fix or replace most anything.
Kitchenaid Model KUDS01ILBNT1, serial # XXXXX type 577-0 Is there a fix or should I start looking for another dishwasher??
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So this dishwasher is designed to stop washing and flash the clean light (stopping the cycle early and it won't reset until you enter a reset command) if the water isn't heating up like it should. Since you can still use your dishwasher, this isn't the problem. That being said, it sounds like the unit is getting noisier and possibly not washing as well as it once did. You can try to clean out the sump assembly in case something is causing noise on the impeller or disposal assembly, or you may need to replace the cirulation motor which is about $250 to have replaced. Below is a link toa video that will show you how to clean out inside the sump.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
how about video on how to remove pump
Unfortunately there isn't one of those. But it requires that you uninstall your entire dishwasher and flip it upside down. Make sure the power is turned off at your house or the dishwasher is unplugged. Then you can remove the drain pump and remove the 3 plastic clips that hold the the circulation assembly in place. The pump will then push up inside the dishwasher so you can pull it out and remove it.

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