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gst85, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 3972
Experience:  i have over 15 yrs experience in home appliance repairs and installs
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My quick rinse light is constantly flashing. Cannot use it.

Customer Question

My quick rinse light is constantly flashing. Cannot use it. It's kenmore ultra wash
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  gst85 replied 5 years ago.

gst85 :

hi can i get the full model number please?

gst85 :

are any of the bottons responding?

JACUSTOMER-zdekufis- : Model # 665.15822 . I am looking at my instruction book and it covers several model, this is one of them that is listed.
gst85 :

ok thanks

gst85 :

are you still there?

JACUSTOMER-zdekufis- : Yes
gst85 :

are you getting any response to the control panel?

JACUSTOMER-zdekufis- : Unable to get any others to respond. It seems that is stuck there, just flashing away
gst85 :

what would most likely cause this problem is that the foil that the buttons are mounted to is defective. The control module "reads" the buttons that are pushed by the fact that the resistance between two pins on the circuitboard becomes zero ie. your pushing the button shorts out two pins. the foil could have moistire damage or the resiistance of the tracks could be too high. Solution for both would be to replace the control panel button foil.

JACUSTOMER-zdekufis- : Is there anything that I can do. Someone had the same problem and apparently it was matter of a reset. Is that something that may work, if so please let me know how to reset
gst85 :

do this first .try taking off the cover to the circuit panel behind the control panel.... there will be a couple of holes behind the circuit board which is held in by a couple of screws you shouldnt have to disconect any of the connections just move the board to the side.. spray moisture free canned air in the two holes

JACUSTOMER-zdekufis- : Will try when I can pick up some canned air
JACUSTOMER-zdekufis- : Will let you know if it works
gst85 :

ok great,do you have any other questions for me?

JACUSTOMER-zdekufis- : Not at this time unless you have other words of wisdom
gst85 :

try a blow dryer first,then the spray moisture

gst85 :

that would be it]

gst85 :

good luck to you

JACUSTOMER-zdekufis- : Thanks
gst85 :

if i have been helful pressing accept is how i get paid

gst85 :

your welcome

gst85 :


gst85 :

please remember to press accept before you go.thats how i get paid for my time

gst85 :

are you still there?

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