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Our oven is AKG659/01 - installed in our home by the builder

Customer Question

Our oven is AKG659/01 - installed in our home by the builder 5 years ago.
We are retirees and are away frequently, hence our oven has not been over used. Each time after use I wipe with cloth to remove any spillages. Last week I noticed what appeared to be a stain, I had the week before heated up a shepherds pie and the gravy had spilt out, I must have not wiped it off that day. I washed the bottom of the oven with warm water - stain still there, I felt it with my nail and thought it to be gravy. I then took out my plastic spatula to scrape off what I thought was gravy, when I wiped the surface I could see it is the baked enamel that is coming off and had not been a gravy stain I had missed previously. You can see the steel where I have wiped. I realise our warranty period has expired, but surely an oven so young should not have baked enamel coming off. In our previous home our oven was over 15years old, home sold with oven looking as new, and certainly showing no signs of enamel peeling. We think this must be a product fault and would appreciate your comments. We have spoken with a retailer who said this should not be happening and must have been a fault during baking proceedure. I have telephoned the local service dept here in Perth to be told enamel cannot be re surfaced but they would come out and look at the oven at a cost of $110 for the first 15mins, which I cannot justify, also not afford, only to be told 'sorry cannot help you'. Many thanks Pat & GorXXXXX XXXXXsom
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Phil replied 5 years ago.
All work to be done by qualified person. WE KEEP GOING UNTIL YOU HAVE THE INFORMATION YOU NEED. I must come and go. Be patient. This is step ONE.

Hello, unfortunately over 90% of these type items are made overseas now, mostly in China or India or Taiwan

These are not built to the old line USA standards in many but not all cases, and they sell for a tiny fraction of what US made products used to cost... possibility seems to be the rule of the day.

You can fix it though, paint and hardware stores carry small bottles, like fingernail polish, of porcelain repair epoxy.

that works pretty well

don't try to brush it on

just lay a fat drop of it over the damaged area and let it alone for a day or so

it will be almost as good as new, maybe better,

Please click the big GREEN accept button if this does it for you, then if you have any follow on questions I can address those on the same nickel



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