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Hi I have a problem with my Bosch dishwasher (SGS69A02GB)

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Hi I have a problem with my Bosch dishwasher (SGS69A02GB) - it won’t complete its cycle half way through it pumps out the water it has used to clean the dishes, but when the water is all gone it just keeps on pumping and so doesn’t progress through its cycle. it sometimes will run its cleaning cycle but it looks as if it only has a fraction of the water it should have and so again it seems to stick on its progression through the wash cycle. it will also sometimes get to 1min left on the timer and again the pump will run continuously and it will never complete the cycle. And sometimes the timer will jump to 199 mins and again seem to stick and not progress. Can you help?

Many thanks

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you can hear the pump underneath continually running ?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
yes i can hear the pump running
okay this means you have water in the base pan underneath the dish washer, the float is stuck up because of that, what you will need to do is to dry the base pan out so the float will reset, this is a real common issue on these machines, you will have to pull the machine out from under the counter and remove the left side panel, once removed there is a small space you can get a small towel into to sop up the water, once you get most of it take a hairdryer and let it blow underneath the dishwasher to dry up the rest, when this is done the dishwasher will reset and run correctly again. I know this is a pain to do but that's what the problem is, I have the same dishwasher and have had to do this to mine several times over the years, the only other way to do it would be to not use the machine for a few days remove the bottom panel under the door and used a hairdryer to dry it out over the next couple of days but that's a lot longer in operation, once you get this dried up it will run fine, hope this helps, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hello! it looks like your right i have found the float switch, can see the water and it is causing it to activate the switch which sounds like it activates the pump to empty teh DW. I tipped the dishwasher up to remove the water _ quite alot came out!! the float is now down - i have run the dischwasher and as it was filling the machine (emptying the comection tank on the side, water squirted out from just under the red float switch in a small jet for about 5 seconds. this is obviously what is causing the base pan to fill with water - is this normal??
you're talking about the fill assembly on the side of the dishwasher it's spraying water out? If so that is an issue that needs to be addressed, that's what's causing the base pan to fill up, let me look up the side float assembly and I get back to you in just a little bit.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
its coming from the underneath of the cylinder that the float switch is connected to...
I'm having a hard time finding the parts for this, is it still doing it? How much water came out? I don't know if this has a crack in it or if it's just spraying because you tip the machine forward and may have gotten too much into the trap part which would've sprayed out, usually this problem is just caused by and overfill and the water goes down into the base pan but if this continues to leak you will need to replace it, let me know if it's running now and if the water is still coming out of that cylinder. Thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I've got it running on a normal cycle and it sprayed when it fill the machine for the prewash - i watched it refill for the main wash - no spray that time, but i noticed that there is water about so i assume its leaking or it has a design o expel water when needed in to the 'sump' which hold it and lets it evaporate normally but if it keeps doing it the float switch kicks in????
That's absolutely correct, it is designed to expel water into the sump base pan and normally this does just evaporate, there's not usually enough to cause the float switch to trip, this is probably a isolated incident and this does happen on these machines every now and again, even on mine so I know, I would just let it run and see how the cycle goes if everything is all right go ahead and push it back in and reinstall it, great job by the way ! thanks and very best wishes, Bryan
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