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I have a GE Profile 39 inch built-in oven, JTP18BD/CD/SD/WD. Some

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I have a GE Profile 39 inch built-in oven, JTP18BD/CD/SD/WD.
Some time ago the "4" stopped responding. The, I could not set the clock. Now it will only operate at a nominal temperature of 350 degrees.

What can I do?
This sounds like the touch panel is faulty. Pretty common problem. If you give me the full model number, which is on a sticker on the door opening, I can look up the part and give you instructions on how to replace it.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I hope 326B1230P001 is the number you are looking for. It is on the left side of the door and the only number I found.
Does the picture in the following link, look like your control panel? 0?keySuffixId=NA&pathTaken=partSearch&pathRender=modelComponent&documentCompId=G0112050&diagramPageId=00001&productTypeId=0125300&searchModelNumber=JTP18BD1BB&subCompDesc=Control%20panel&brandDesc=GE&modelDesc=ELECTRIC-OVEN&blt=11
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I get no response for that complex website.

It does not paste and even when I tediously type it in, I get no response.

Does this one work?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Nope. Internet Explorer and Google cannot find repairclinic.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Found it!


How is that different from #16, listed as oven control?

The oven control is the part that controls every aspect of the oven. It regulates power for heating and measures reading from the temperature sensor. The control panel inputs the commands to the control. An analogy, the control panel is the keyboard, the oven control is the computer. If only some buttons do not work, this is always a defective control panel. If all of the buttons do not work, then it can be the oven control. By the description of your problem, I would say that you need the control panel.
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