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I cleaned the fan blades and motor. The compressor makes a

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I cleaned the fan blades and motor. The compressor makes a very small hum as you had indicated. The noise I object to is coming from the fan. I was able to quiet it somewhat by moving the metal bracket the fan is attached to. Could you please help me understand what the plastic control I am sending a picture of which is immediately behind the coils under each my refrigerator only, and seperate freezer. What does this control? It has a small circular place to turn it back and forth. Thanks again, Richard
Hi Richard, what make and model do you have so I can look at the breakdown.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The freezer is a Frigidare Model # XXXXX UPRIGHT FREEZER. 16.7 CU FOOT STAINLESS STEEL UNIT which matches, and sit right beside the refigerator, which makes them look built in, which they are not.

The number 23 in the breakdown is the defrost timer its the part that puts the freezer in the defrost cycle .

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
How do I go about setting this control. It has two hash marks about 15 degrees from each other on center around where the control can be turned. What do each of these marks mean, or how do I set this control?
You don't set this control it turns the compressor and fans off every eight hours and defrost the freezer for 20 min 24/ 7 all you can do is change the defrost times by turning the small cog .
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok, how do you set the defrost times with this control. I have one on each the refigerator and the freezer. which way do you set the cog, and what increments add or delete minutes, and how many?

When you turn the cog real slow every click you hear is a minute , what you can do is turn the small cog to the defrost cycle at the time you want it to defrost and let it defrost .

It will defrost again in 8 hrs so you can set the times that way.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you but I do not understand how you set the time you want it to defrost. You indicate that you turn the small cog to the defrost cycle at the time you want it to defrost. You turn it where, and which way?
It can only turn one way, If you want it to defrost at Midnight then at Midnight turn the small cog till it kicks off, now its defrosting and it will defrost again eight later .
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