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I have a GE GSS201ETA refrigerador, 5yr, 3mos old. The freezer

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I have a GE GSS201ETA refrigerador, 5yr, 3mos old. The freezer temperature began cycling up to 30 degrees F, than down to zero degrees F for a few days. It finally cooled to 30 degrees F and stayed there. The temp will not go lower. I replaced the Main Board with a brand new GE part WR55x10942. The temp is still stuck at 30 to 33 degrees F after running overnight. The rear of the freezer is now covered with frost. I did have the freezer door open for 20 minuted yesterday before I changed the Main Board. The ambient humidity is currently around 88%.

Hi I'm John I will help you with the freezer problem.

You said the board was replaced were any parts in the freezer checked ?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I did not check any of the parts in the freezer. After reading about the product recall for the main board, as installed in other models, I falsely concluded that was my problem. Also, for a few days before the refrig failed at 30 deg F, the fan speed in the freezer compartment changed from normal to a lower level as if it was being turned on and off. That problem stopped with the fan running at normal speed and never turning off. Changing the main board did not change the fan runs continuously.


The number 240 in the breakdown is the defrost thermostat could be open stopping the current from getting to the defrost heater number 230, the number 240 is usually the problem.

You need a meter to check that part to make sure its failed.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The heater element, no 230, is burned only reads leakage or insulation resistance many megohms. I will replace the heater and run the system before I change the thermostat unless you recommend changing the thermostat when I replace the heater.

Its best to replace both parts you don't want to do this again.
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