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I have a Kenmore Elite Model 110. 45088 404 Series CST(NNN) NNN-NNNN Type

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I have a Kenmore Elite
Model 110. 45088 404
Type 199-712 CN/AP

It is slicing my close up to ten inches and putting holes in them up to over the size of silver dollars. It's also now starting to leave rust line on the white clothes about 3 t0 4 inches long.The other day I finally found a shirt tail stuck between the drum and the out metal piece around the drum, so I know this is where they are tearing. The outer piece of metal is pretty sharp and would leave a slice like that. I noticed that the wide rubber seal that is supposed to meet up to the drum has a big gap in it at the bottom, but not at the top. It you pull the drum forward, you can bring it up to meet that seal like it should be. I think that would solve the problem. There is nothing wrong with the seal. I
have never called someone out because of reading other people's problems with this and never getting them fixed. I have a repairman scheduled on Friday. I have to pay him $129 to come out. Is it a problem with the machine being out of balance or the drum being out of balance? The machine has also jumped across the floor before before and been off balance so bad that the door came open and broke the latch. It got off balance again one time and threw the door open and just bent the hinge but didn't break the lock. There are sparks in the machine when this happens, so there is metal hitting metal. You just have to get in there and brace it and try to turn it off. So much for self balancing! So the question is, can the drum be evened out to meet the rubber strip? I don't want to put out hundreds on this.

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Okay first off it's the rear bearing that's shot, the problem with that is they do not sell the bearing separate from the tub itself, you would need to replace the whole rear tub assembly to fix this problem, W10253866 is the part #. This is one of the biggest jobs there is and one the most expensive, this rear tub assembly is $371.00 plus the shipping so right there you looking at over $400, not to mention the amount of labor in this is astronomical, you have to literally tear the whole machine apart to replace this, if you had this done by a technician you're looking at probably $700, to do-it-yourself you're still looking at over $400, I would think about replacing the machine at this point, if you wish here is a link if you want to attempt this yourself but there is no way we would be able talk you through it, it would take months, but here's the link to the part and I will add a link also for all the diagrams, part , diagrams I hope this information is useful, thanks and well wishes, Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I had asked for an answer on manage my life, although not telling me what exactly they did think was wrong, they did tell me that according to the serial # XXXXX is a 2006 , I couldn't remember when I bought it, I have a lifetime warranty on the basket and a ten year warranty on the plactic tub. If this is what they would be insalling the cost of the labor to do this would be less than $150. However, if there are any other parts, they would probably not be covered under the warranty. What do you think about that? Would that pretty much take care of the parts?
yes that would take care of the issue, the tub (plastic) is what they do need to replace there shouldn't be anything else they would need to replace and less the front tub was rubbed by the inner stainless steel tub and scraped a the hole in it or roughed up the edges bad but that should be covered also because that's the other part of the plastic tub, if it is scraped from the tub hitting it you need to tell them they need to replace both pieces and that should take care the parts everything else comes with it the bearing and the new seal that goes between the tubs so you shouldn't need anything else, hope this helps, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I didn't even realize that the white tub was plastic, it is so sharp. That's where the clothes are going, in between the metal and plastic tub. I think the plastic tub is what is slicing them.
yes it is. be carefull they are sharp. whats happening is the stainless tub is droping because of the rear bearing, since this is covered under the warranty I would call right away and have the two halfs of the tub replaced, I hope this helps. thanks Bryan
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks Bryan! You guys are awesome on here! You have always answered my questions! I have a guy coming out on Friday.
your very welcome. have a great night, thanks Bryan