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I have a Whirlpool elec. dryer that the timer wont turn. Replaced

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I have a Whirlpool elec. dryer that the timer won't turn. Replaced timer, still the same. Heat is always on. Door switch tests good, have to push start to get dryer to start dryer stops when door opens. Dryer model is LER 5620KQ1. Not long after purchasing this unit new the thermostats went out and when replacing the bad one I was told that there had been a design change and both thermostats had to be changed and some wiring changes made. I did all that and the dryer has worked well for a good while, till recently. The thermostats test good, no opens,same with thermal cutoff. When running there is voltage to the orange wire at timer but not violet. When heater kicks out orange drops voltage and violet gets voltage. Timer part #8299778 model M460-G if that helps. Dave

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I you running this on the automatic cycle or timed dry cycle? And when you say the heat is always on what do you mean? It's heating correctly or the heater never shuts off? Do you remember which thermostats you changed? Was it this set?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Bryan, that is the set I replaced.When I wrote the heat is always on, it stays on when the dryer door is open as long as timer is set to be running. I have only run dryer in auto cycle. I can go try timed if that helps you. Dave
Okay if the heater is staying on the dryer door open it's shorted to the body of the heater assembly, the machine stops turning when you open the door correct? Also yes please try the time cycle for about 10 min. and see if it advances if so your automatic thermostat is bad, which could still be the case even if it doesn't advance, first this is the heater, I believe this a shorted one of the coils on the heater may have sagged and is touching the metal casing which will create a circuit through the ground and keep the heater on, you will need a meter or at least remove the heater and check it closely to see this, this is the automatic thermostat, this tells the timer when to advance as the dryer dries, do the time dry test and let me know if it moves, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Bryan, sorry about the delay. The timed dry cycle does in fact make the timer move. I checked again the thermostat shown in the pic and it tests as not open. Also pulled the element and you were correct on it touching so I pushed it down, carefully, and restarted dryer in auto cycle. No heat when door opens. I'll run back downstairs and see if maybe timer is now working. Dave
Okay great Dave we are halfway there, if the timer does not advance it's the thermostat I showed you, the two smaller wires in the middle won't really show continuity until the thermostat senses that the dryer is drying, the moisture sensor tells the thermostat to send power to the timer motor as the clothes start to dry, I'm 90% sure you need to replace that thermostat, here is a link to order the thermostat, let me know if it advances now, it may since the heater was shorted it may have caused the thermostat not to work correctly, let me know thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hey Bryan, the timer is advancing as we "speak". I don't know if it is a fluke but I am going to have to think it may be a fix. I really appreciate your help and expertise. Dave
That's great Dave, if it is advancing it seems the thermostats okay that's fantastic, hopefully the element doesn't sag again and short out again on you, please remember to hit the green accept button so I can get paid for helping you, feedback is really appreciated also, good job, it's nice to work with people who know what they're doing, glad to hear it's running, thanks and very best wishes, Bryan
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