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Hello - I want to know how to tell when a dishwasher should

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Hello - I want to know how to tell when a dishwasher should be replaced. Mine is about 15 yrs old, a mid-priced Maytag, and I'm not satisfied with the condition of the dishes. For months now it does not remove lip marks on glasses, and there is the occasional piece of food on other dishes. I've tried different detergents, and cleaning it with Iron Out. (I have well water that is very hard.)

I don't want to pay $100 for a service call to be told that nothing specific is wrong with it - it's just old. I'd rather put the money towards a new one, but I hate to junk this if it's repairable. Please help.

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I wouldn't pay for service call on this at this point, these were very good machines when they were built, what's happening now however is most likely the heater for one is not heating the water hot enough to clean well and the pump and motor assembly is probably getting very weak which means not enough pressure to really move the water around clean well, also the hard water is an issue in these, after years of use this builds up and the sump assembly and short of replacing the whole assembly which would cost you probably as much is replacing the machine it's really not feasible to clean it well enough to get this to run correctly, in other words your correct it's not only the $100 service call but you probably looking at a couple hundred dollars in parts which is definitely not cost-efficient considering a new machine is around $399.00, 15 years this machine has done it's job but it's time to replace it, there will be other failures in this in the near future, so replacing the machine is a better option for you at this point, hope this helps, thanks and have a great weekend, Bryan

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