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Hi I have a Whirlpool GY398LXPS00. The stovetop and oven stopped

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Hi I have a Whirlpool GY398LXPS00. The stovetop and oven stopped generating heat. The LED display shows the time and you can set baking temperatures and times as if it was working. You can also turn the knobs on for the electric stovetop and the LED indicator will turn orange. However the stovetop does not heat up. What could be wrong?


Justin :

If both the oven and cook top are not heating, I'd STRONGLY suspect you do not have 240 volts applied to your oven. You may have a bad breaker OR the terminal block in the rear of the stove (the cord attaches to it) might have a burnt terminal.

Justin :

I am showing your status as offline. Therefore, I shall change this from "Live Chat" to Q and A mode. Just reply at your convenience. Make sure you've checked your terminal block for a burnt wire and also for 240 volts between BLACK and RED. Less than 240 between these wires is highly probable with your condition.

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