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We recently move into a new (to us) house. It has a Glass top

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We recently move into a new (to us) house. It has a Glass top Frigidaire range Model # XXXXX Range. The lower or bake element in the oven does not heat.

I have replaced oven elements in GE ranges with the plug-in calrods before. However, in looking at the illustrations of the replacement bake element for this range the two ends of the element appear to either have a tab or round probe (possibly exposed wire?) terminals.

My questions:

Does this element simply unplug from the front like a GE or does it require disconnecting the element from the back of the range?

Once removed I know how to test the element to see if the circuit is broken; but if the circuit tests to be complete what Ohm readout should it show?

If the element checks out OK with the multimeter, what voltage reading should the sockets/connectors for the element show with the oven turned on?

If the sockets/connectors volt readings are not right, what is the next step?

Thank you

Hi,Welcome to Just Answer, My name isXXXXX will be helping you with your appliance issue today.


Okay first off these have 1/4 inch push on connectors that connect the element, in most cases you can take this out from the inside of the oven without pulling the oven away from the wall or take the back off however you need to be careful first unplug the oven, then take the two screws out: holding the element the back of the oven, then carefully pulley element forward maneuvering the wires with it, if it starts to get caught coming out be careful on the wires can come off then you will need to pull the oven out and remove the back cover to recover the wires, the element if you put your meter on continuity pull the two wires off the element making sure not to loose through the holes and test the element for continuity, if it has continuity it is good, if not replace it,if it is good let me know and we can continue, thanks Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.



Got it. CAREFULLY, once the screws are removed, pull the ends of the element and hopefully the connectors wire out through back wall of the oven. Disconnect the element, test the continunity and then get back to you; especially if the continunity is good. If the circuit in the element is open just replace the element. I think rather than pulling the oven out to unplug; we will just turn off the breaker at the box.


It is kind of busy around here today and I am laid up with a bad back so I am the "brains" of this effort; I have to rely on others for the "Brawn" and especially crawling around on the floor and into the oven. What I am trying to say is that we might not get back to you before the end of today but I hope we can get this done before the weekend is over.





no problem , let me know, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.



If I go on and click the "accept answer" box now; will I be able to ask you a follow up later? Or can I just sign off and come back to the site later using the question # XXXXX provided and not "accept" until the job is complete or at least until we get the element out?



That's up to you Chaz, it doesn't matter either way, even if you except now you can still come back on this same question and we can continue, I will be on off most of the weekend, more on that off though, sometimes I take a break for an hour or so this to get the chair have some lunch to just relax for a little bit, so it's up you no problem either way, thanks, Bryan
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