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How do i take the back freezer panel off of the inside of my

Resolved Question:

How do i take the back freezer panel off of the inside of my LG LRTN19320TT refrig/freezer? A sheet of styrofoam has come loose and is hitting the fan and i cannot get it to stop making noise.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Francis replied 6 years ago.

Here is the instruction from the service manual.

1. Remove the freezer shelf. (If your refrigerator has an
icemaker, remove the icemaker first)
2. Remove the grille by pulling it out and by loosening a
3. Remove the Fan Motor assembly by loosening 4 screws
and disassemble the shroud.
4. Pull out the fan and separate the Fan Motor and Bracket

Here is the service manual and you can see it on page 6. There is a picture there.

Please click the blue word.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I do not see how to "pull out" the grill, nor do i see what screw is to be unscrewed.
Expert:  Francis replied 6 years ago.

The screw is located at the upper left hand side of the back plate inside the freezer. Sometimes, this is covered by a round plastic cover that would hide the head of the screw.

If you have an icemaker, the ice maker is covering the screw so you would have to remove the icemaker first before you can remove the back plate ( grill ).

Then you would have to remove the lamp first also to access a possible screw on the right side of the grill.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I cannot locate the "4 screws" to loosen in step 3 from the manual. The only screws I see hold down the bracket and are at an impossible angle to get to and unsrew.
Expert:  Francis replied 6 years ago.

You would have to remove two pieces of plastic wall .

First piece is the one that you see inside the freezer back wall. This is secured by clips at the bottom part and a single screw at the upper left hand side of the wall.

Then after you removed this first grill, there would be another plastic piece that is being secured by the 4 screws stated in instruction number 3 . This is where the fan motor is attached.

That is probably the reason why you can not locate the 4 screws because you have not taken the first grill off the wall yet.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I actually got the grill off last night (though i could not pull it out very far due to wires connected in the upper half. In the section with the fan motor, i was unable to locate the 4 screws. as i said above, i was only able to find 2, which are attached to the metal bracket, and i don't see how i can get at an angle to remove them.
Expert:  Francis replied 6 years ago.

You really can not remove the screws holding the fan motor because you can remove them only if the whole plastic that holds the fan is out in the open. That is the shroud.

The grill should come off completely. Maybe the shroud is still holding the grill that is why the grill would not come off.

If there are wires attached to the grill, let say, thermostat or the light bulb, disconnect them first so that you can remove the grill. The shroud would be left inside, then after all the ice has thawed, then you can find the 4 screws that are holding the shroud. Then the whole shroud would come off together with the fan but disconnect the wires of the fan first.

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