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GE advantium microwave oven just went blank on all displays.

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GE advantium microwave oven just went blank on all displays. Cannot use at all

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does the inside light come on when you open the door or is everything out? entire machine dead?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Everything is out
Okay the in-line fuse has blown this, it's part number 1626 on this diagram,it's located behind the control panel, be extremely careful if you attempt to replace this yourself, microwaves can hold a lethal amount of voltage in the high voltage capacitor and even when unplugged this can kill you, it stores a lot of power, hope this helps well wishes and thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Where is the fuse located
I sent you the diagram did you not get it? It's located inside the machine behind the control panel, keypad, as shown in the diagram above part number 1626 on the diagram above,
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I got the picture. Do I have to take the entire oven out or does the front control panel come off without removing from wall
I believe the control panel will come off, here's a diagram that looks like there are screws holding the control panel itself after you remove part number 1225, the grill, all these machines of different and of course me not being there it's tough for me to tell you how this one comes apart, but it looks like it does come apart without removing the entire unit, here's a diagram, and here's a link to all the diagrams, in case you need them, hope this helps thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I can't figure out how to get the control panel off without doing damage
I wish I could do more, but without being there the best I can do is send you the diagrams unfortunately, you may need to call for service so you don't damage any of the control panel parts, it's safer that way anyway because getting into the inside of these is dangerous as it is, it shouldn't cost you more than 80-100 dollars to get this repair, be safe and call a technician to replace the fuse for you, thanks and well wishes, Bryan
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Bryan, I'm sorry I did not reply sooner. I didn't save the url to get back to you. I think your answer is right on. I had the GE tech come and the fuse holder was fried along with the fuse. Thank you for your advice. How can I request you specifically if something else comes up? Best regards.
Oh that's fine, yes you can request me if you come back with anymore.appliance questions, I'm glad you got it straightened away, thanks so much and have a great day, Bryan, you can also bookmark this for saving in your favorites thanks again Bryan