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I have a Samsun refredgerator that has been making a noise

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<p>I have a Samsung refredgerator that has been making a noise like a dry bearing. Is it possabel that it is froze up? The back ports in the freezer have ice hanging out of them.</p><p>it cools and is making ice, but it is just so loud that you can't be in the room.  sounds like a fan that is off balance.</p>

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most likely its the evaporator fan thats making noise, either its hitting ice or its going bad, you will need to remove the back panel in the freezer to look at this, can you do that and get back to me? thanks Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
bryan, I checked this out and the noise is located at the bottom of the unit. I turned it back on last night and it ran quite for about 10 min, then started making noise again. I think it is something with the condencer moter. The unit still cools, just makes a lot of niose.
Okay so it's outside in the back of the refrigerator ? Yet the contents of motor would be my guess then, have you pulled this away from the wall and checked the back ? Sometimes you can get dust or lint or even a piece of paper in there that the fan blade will hit and make a noise have you checked that?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, i did,, I cleaned the back out just a month ago. I just bought this house in May,, It was real bad when I cleaned it. may not have been cleaned ever... what is next?
well , it sounds like you need to replace it, the fan that is, I'm trying to pull up the diagrams but my database is down it may be an hour or so before I can get it back up so I can take a look at the diagrams, as soon as I can I will take a look at them, and let you know, thanks Bryan
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