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My GE Side by Side Refrigerator is 6 years old and seems to

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My GE Side by Side Refrigerator is 6 years old and seems to work fine, but periodically makes a groaning noise that goes up and down in pitch. If I cut off the circuit breaker and then turn it back on a few minutes later, or do the same with the freezer control, the problem will go away for awhile. But it comes back. The problem occurs most often if the doors are open and shut often while getting things out to do some serious cooking or loading groceries, so the unit is running at maximum to re-chill.

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the noise you hear is the evaporator fan whining up and down. this is caused by a bad main control board. you need to replace the board, G.E. has redesigned these boards 4 times, its a common problem, the part # XXXXX XXXXX you can search for the best price on line or you can order this @ its located on the back of the refrigerator behind an 8X10" cover. thanks Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is this something that is accessed by rolling the refrigerator out and removing a few screws or do unload the freezer and access from the front? Is it difficult? I replaced a timer in a Maytag washer, easy enough.

Do I need to verify the part for the GE MODEL number GSL25JFPHBS or have you already done this and all I need to do is order from the link you sent? Will this part be the latest revision?

just pull the refrigerator away from the wall and its part # XXXXX on this diagram, you will see the cover with three screws holding it right where # XXXXX id on the diagram, this is the latest version of this board and it just plugs in. it comes with instructions. they have this for $117.00 @ thanks, Bryan
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