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Hi, GE gas Dryer only heats intermittently. Dryer turns on,

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GE gas Dryer only heats intermittently. Dryer turns on, rotates, sometimes will burn for a minute, sometimes not at all. No error codes present.

All sensors and fuses have been checked by a qualified GE tech. Tech is telling me I need a new power board. Power board seems to work fine though. Dryer was recently converted from LP back to Natural. When first done, dryer worked fine for 4 loads. Stopped working after that. Dryer is completely clean of lint.

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You may have bad coils in the main gas valve.

Please provide the model number of your unit.
Thank you.

Edited by The Home Smithy on 10/13/2010 at 3:48 PM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Smithy,

GE Model: DCVH660GH0BB

Ok I am uploading a service manual for this model series. It may not be for your specific unit, but the diagnostics for the coils should be the same.

Please stand by.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Smithy,

I already have the service manual for this dryer, but thanks. What is your opinion about a qualified tech trying to sell me on a new board?

I'd have to say that he isnt testing the unit correctly. The control board either works or it doesnt. An intermittant fault that shows no trouble codes is highly unlikely.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Control board is definitely working.
So the symptoms would point to bad coils? To recap....sometimes it fires up heat, sometimes not. After it first heats for a minute or two, it shuts down on its own. Will not fire up again (heat) until much later.

Yes I am pretty sure that that is the problem.

The key fact being that if it fires up it will not fire up again until the unit cools down again. The heat causes the coils to expand. If they are going out they cease to work until they cool off again.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you very much Smithy, I am going to try it then. One last question if you will...can you tell me exactly which part I should try replacing? I am looking at the service manual now, but I am a tad confused as to which part of the assembly. I don't think the manual explains it too well.

They are parts # XXXXX and 729 at the link below.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you kindly Smithy,

I am going to try these, and thank you very much :)

You are most welcome.

Thank you for the accept.

Best, THS


P.S. There are ohms values in the service manual to test these with. Please test them before you order the new ones. Hate to see you order parts that do not solve the problem.