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my dishwasher drain motor continues to run after the cycle

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my dishwasher drain motor continues to run after the cycle is over and it drains while its
trying to fill. Is there a reset for the dishwasher. Also the drain pump is new.
Please help


Hi, thanks for using Are you sure it is the drain pump that is running? This dishwasher uses a separate electric drain pump to evacuate the water than the wash motor. Could it be that you are hearing the wash motor but the water is siphoning out because the drain hose has no high loop? The drain hose needs to be higher than where it drains into and definitely not going through the floor or somewhere below the dishwasher to prevent siphon.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The drain hose is higher. Yes its the drain motor ,I placed water in the dish washer manually. the dish washer has no leds lit. and the water has drained. I went though the diag mode and it said there is no problem.
Looking at the wiring diagram, the drain motor gets its power directly fromt he control board with nothing in between. With this in mind, the relay on the board has to be welded shut to keep the voltage to the drain motor. This is the only thing that will keep the drain motor running.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Suggested fix ?
Replacing the control will fix this issue. If I may have your serial number I can look up the control for you...
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
the dishwasher serial number is XXXXX
Part number 99003160, available from for $99.92 + shipping. Accessed by removing all screws from inner door panel and separating inner and outer door.
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