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I have a GE profile range/oven. The bake and probe lights

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I have a GE profile range/oven. The bake and probe lights are flashing alternately. My model # XXXXX XXXXX K1BB Serial # XXXXX The stove top works, but not the oven. What should I do? There is no probe place in the oven, so no clue. Thanks.
this means that the probe wires have shorted, usually from overheating around the side of the oven. You'd need to cut the wires to the probe and replace the receptacle to correct the problem because it thinks that you have a probe installed even though you don't
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Not sure this is the best solution, since I wouldn't even know where to access wires, which ones to cut and I've used the burners before many times without anything going wrong.
right, It's definitely better left to a technician because you'll need to take the side wall off, the control panel, and the back panels so that you can re-run the probe wires through the range correctly. It's really not a DIY project unless you're incredibly mechanical.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is this a safety issue? If something is overheating that has to do with the oven when the burners are on? Should I not use the burners? Would you recommend the whole thing be replaced with a new oven/range?
You can use the burners, that has nothing to do with your problem at all. It's a low voltage short. Sometimes the wires just get run too close to the oven cavity and wires get too hot and they just need to be routed correctly. This is actually a fairly common issue. I see it happen about 2-3 times a year. Not really a safety issue, just annoying and costs money to get it fixed.
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