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I have a Crosley Shelvador CT15A2W refrigerator. The power

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I have a Crosley Shelvador CT15A2W refrigerator. The power went off while I was on vacation, and came home to the stinky results (among other things, two pounds of raw hamburger thawed and rotting in the freezer for 10 days of 90-plus temperatures). I've thoroughly cleaned everything I can see, including the floor where the thawed liquids ended up, but there is still a nasty smell that seems to be coming through the vent at the front bottom of the frig. I can't find any way to get that vent off, or get to a "drip tray" if there is one. Help?

Thanks for the question.

You can get to the drip pan under the fridge from the back.

Pull the fridge out and remove the bottom panel you'll see the coils the compressor the fan motor and the drain pan.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I've taken the bottom panel off, and see what I guess is the compressor and the fan motor, but no coils. I see what appears to be a drain pan, but can't budge it, and certainly can't clean very much of it where it is. There is no sign that the nasty liquids made it into this compartment, though I can see dried stains in the pan. There is odor here, but it doesn't seem as bad as what comes out the front when the frig is operating.

Odors in the refrigerator can come from many different sources. Spoiling food, spilled milk, open food. Often a really good cleaning out with an ammonia cleaner can help or with a baking soda water mixture.

But, sometimes an odor can "permeate" into one of the plastic parts found inside the fridge, crisper pans, door liners, shelf supports. Even after you have found the spoiling food, removed it, cleaned the fridge up.....sometimes another plastic part will pick up this odor and continue to give the odor back off. A few things that can help with this type of an odor, place one these inside the fridge section:

- box of baking soda

- dish of coffee grounds

- open slices of bread

I like using the bread trick to help remove odors. Just throw a slice or two onto one of the shelves in the fresh food compartment, leave the bread slice(s) in there for 12-24 hours -no longer- and then throw the bread out or I throw the bread outside for the birds to eat. When bread goes stall, it will suck in odors very well. Because the air inside the refrigerator is blown between both sections, this will help the fridge and freezer sections. Do this for about a week and you should notice a big change in the odor problem :-)

A really bad odor problem. Sometimes something like milk or juice is spilled inside the fridge. The liquid can run under the plastic edge breakers and get into the insulation. This can be very difficult to clean and may require a service call to have the old insulation removed and replaced with new insulation in that section.

Try these suggestions they do work.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
That's all good info and I appreciate it and will use it, but it doesn't help me clean the drain pan. How can I do that?

Hot water and vinegar is the best to use in that drain pan that should get rid of the smell.

And a long handle brush is the thing to use.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So I can't take the pan out? Is there any way to get under the frig from the front? All the liquid seems to have run down the front of the appliance.
You can tip the fridge back and look under the fridge , I know that front bottom grill you really cant get at anything from there.
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