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I have a stackable laundry unit i purchased I purchased in

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I have a stackable laundry unit i purchased I purchased in 2003. Because of the placement I've had to bend over the door to put the clothes in the washer. Finally got the brilliant idea of reversing the door. Took hinges off and placed them on the other side of the door but the door doesn't sit properly. Is this unit not meant to reverse the washer door? I reversed the dryer door and it is fine. Thank you.

If you did not include a model # XXXXX your question please do on you second reply if possible,this helps us serve you faster.


these have to slide into the slots all the way down, when you had the door off did you pull the front panel off also to get at the hinge slots better?

also a model # XXXXX help. thanks Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Model Number is XXXXX Looked at the manual online and it shows it can be done but it doesn't sit right. I removed the door (left opening) and removed the cover plates from the right side. I then took the hinges off of the door and put them on the other side and put the plates where the hinges had been. The only thing I'm not sure of - and should have checked - but am a 66 year old female who is a musician, and not a techinician, is how the plates fit back. I think the flat side with the 90 degree angle, fits against the unit rather than towards the doorframe and do the rod part of the hinge sit on the inside or the outside. I have them on the outside but when you shut the door you can see it slants from right to left and doesn't sit in securely. I made sure I screwed the screws in tightly. I will definitely tell it to pay I just need to get advice on what might be wrong. Would like to have it done so I don't have to wait for my husband, God bless him, to do it since I've already been waiting FOUR years. Thanks for your help. Melle
the hinges # XXXXX on this diagram need to be straight when you place then on the door also theses are countersunk so the screws sit flush when attached to the door , do you have the hinges turn the wrong way the countersinks Should be out, the plastic peaces go with the arrow part facing out from the machine, you can pull the front panel # XXXXX out from the top and then lift it off the bottom clips to get the door set right. it helps, i gather your husband in the armed forces? God bless him.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

IThank you for the information. can't see the diagram, it's distorted. No, my husband isn't in the armed forces unless you consider me a sergeant and I guess, according to him, that fits. He is retired - returned to work - and is a dear but not great at honey-do projects. I will try reversing the hinges. Appreciate your efforts. Where do I hit the button that says accept so you can get paid? Melle

it should be there now, thanks Bryan
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