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My frigidaire gallery dishwasher is leaving a white film on

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My frigidaire gallery dishwasher is leaving a white film on glasses, cutlery, pots and pans. I've tried both liquid and powder dishwasher detergents and a rinse aide.

I noticed that the heating element is also coated with a white, chalky powder.

The dishwasher was working fine when I bought the house in Sept 2009; I suspect it to be 10 years old.

Thanks for your help.
The white build upon the element means that you have a lot of hard water in your are. You'll need to get a product called Dishwasher Magic. This is a product sold on line or in local grocery stores that will clean the build up inside your dishwasher if you run it in a cycle with no dishes. It does a very good job. I also recommend using Jet Dry if you are not doing so already.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
OK; the white build upon the element is quite thick. I assume that Dishwasher magic will clean this off or do I need to work on it. Once I've cleaned the build up inside the dishwasher, will rerunning the glasses, etc that have the white film get them clean?

Thanks again for your help.
re-running the glasses will not get the clean. You will need to scrub them by hand to try and get them clean, and if it's baked on and won't clean by hand, then you can't get them clean unfortunately.

Yes, the Dishwasher magic will get your element clean again.
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