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Our Whirlpool DWF416 dishwasher is not working properly (a)

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Our Whirlpool DWF416 dishwasher is not working properly: (a) the tablet does not dissolve and (b) the machine does not stop after the cycle has finished: it just keeps on running, so eventually we have to stop it ourselves. Any thoughts? The machine is over 5 years old, so is it worth trying to fix? Many thanks. Andrew
if you put a cup in the top rack and face it upwards, does it fill up after 5 or 10 minutes of starting the cycle?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm not at the property at the moment, so can't do this test.
ok well this sounds like the unit isn't givnig enough pressure. If the water isn't spraying around the dishwasher it won't disolve the soap and it will remain in the cup like the cup didn't open till the end of the cycle. Also, if the water isn't spraying around the water won't heat which will cause the unit to continuously run until the water gets to a certain temperature. You'll want to take apart the pump and motor from the inside of the dishwasher starting from the top of the assembly and going down. If you find any blockages then remove them, if not then you probably have a bad circulation motor.
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