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Frigidaire dryer - model GLEQ2152ES0. Dryer does not heat,

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Frigidaire dryer - model GLEQ2152ES0. Dryer does not heat, does not shut off unless the door is opened, and starts again when the door is closed. Timer and all controls are non functioning except the timer readout changes when the dial is turned. Timer will not count down. I have checked the vent and vent hose, there is very little lint built up. There is a lot of airflow (cold air) out of the back of the dryer with the vent hose removed. What's your take on this?
Either your start button is stuck or the control board behind it is shorted. That is the first problem.

That will cause many other problems though unfortunately. If the start button is still clicking then the first thing to do would be to replace the control board. This should probably fix the heating issue as well if the start buttong wasn't stuck.

If it doesn't click or move, then take the control board off and try to see if the button is just misaligned and needs to be positioned correctly. If the start button gets stuck it sends way to much current to the heater and can break the element or the relay on the control board. you would have an issue with either the control board or the heating element.

If you choose a timed cycle and it still never ends, then your board is definitely bad.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Frigidaire dryer - model GLEQ2152ES0 - Ok, I've gone back and checked it out some more, It seems to be working normally, except that it won't shut off. It heats, and seems to stop heating at the end of the time, but tit keeps running, unless the door is opened. I don't know if pushing the pause/cancel stops the heat from working, but it does stop the time; the lights all go dark and don't come back on until other buttons are pushed. The time then goes back to the original set starting minutes. All the while, the motor and blower are going unless the door is open. I read on another site that it was the timer or a heat sensor, I'll go back and see if I can narrow it down. Thanks
ok it's going to be your board. This model has no timer, it has a control board instead. And the heat sensor you are talking about is also refering to a timer model. No heat sensor on this unit would make it run forever.
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