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model mah5500bwb stuck at 4 min mark was making some banging

Resolved Question:

model mah5500bwb stuck at 4 min mark was making some banging noises shut it down the seal is ripped and shreaded. whats happened and what should I look for
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.
Just a few questions first, do you know how the seal become ripped and shredded and was the banging caused by something you had in your load or is that still undetermined?
Also, does the entire tub assembly appear to be askew instead of more or less centered as it was when the machine was working properly and finally, does the basket make any abnormal sounds, especially from the REAR area of the basket when you turn it a few times rapidly by hand, other than the normal liquid sound of the balance ring.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I really don't know what caused the seal to shread it smelled like rubber burning when i shut it down. lots of fine rubber particals and seal shreaded up with tears in seal. drum turns free no noise now. drum seams tilted back at top but that could be normal
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.
The rearward tilt is normal. It sounds like somehow you got the door boot stuck between the spinning basket and the stationary tub but that is pretty hard to do so it is more likely that something in your load got hold of the boot during your spin and destroyed it. If this happened out of the blue and NOW the machine will no longer run at all, you may have tripped the out of balance switches which will keep the machine from spinning. After clearing all of that debris , try unplugging the machine for about 3 minutes, then setting the machine on a spin/drain cycle. The basket should spin, the drain pump should run and if it does and there are no noises, you just need to replace the door boot. If there are pieces of that boot somewhere inside the tub, you will need to TRY and get to them by removing the tub to pump hose and doing your best to get to those as well, but if there are pieces you cannot reach, the entire front cover of the tub will have to come off and if you STILL cant reach them, the basket would have to come out and that is a BIG job. Now, if the machine will not even spin at all anymore and the drive motor no longer runs after verifying no obstructon and resetting the machine as described, you have likely damaged the motor and/or motor controller and they will have to be replaced. Please try the above and let me know if you need further information, I will be here to answer further questions about this for you.
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