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Hello, I own a Bosch Maxx Classic front loader washing machine.

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Hello, I own a Bosch Maxx Classic front loader washing machine. It is nearly three years old and in the last few weeks it has started to leave large blotches of pale orange colour on the sheets and other whites. What is causing this?

Second question: where is the lint filter and how do I access it to clean it.

looking forward to hearing from you.


You need to try running affresh through the washer. Affresh will clean out the washer. There is a drain filter located behind the round cover on the front right corner. Install a small screw driver in the hole of the cover and then turn it. You will see a twist cap behind it. Untwist the cap. The cap is the filter.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you. As you are responding from the UK I need to check if I can buy the Affresh product in Sydney Australia. I will also try opening the front filter as you suggest. Once I am sure that I have successfully tried both your suggestions I will definitely pay,
Thank you.
Ok sounds good. If you have never ran affresh through the washer you will want to run 3 tablets through it the first time.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK, The bottom righthand corner has a pull down cover, behind it is a round cap that I turn and pull out, water runs out but there is no lint. behind the cap is a wheel that turns but has no screw to remove, got down on the floor with a torch to have a good look. I expected to see a lot of gunky stuff but the water that ran out was quite clear and there is no gunky residue anywhere to be seen.Where does all the lint go?
The lint gets pushed out with the water when the unit drains. That filter will srop change and big lint balls.
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