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Why wont the vacuum Dyson DC14 turn on?

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The vacuum Dyson DC14 wont turn on. It was running then stopped and it will not turn back on. I cannot find a reset button. I cleaned filters and did a general cleaning, but was not that bad. It still will not turn on. The motor feels pretty warm.

I am sorry but there are no reset switches for these units.

Most likely what has happened is the motor overheated and shut itself down.

Please allow the unit to cool down for at least an hour. If it does not restart then a wire has come loose or the unit has had a motor failure. If the motor has burned up you will smell an acrid odor coming from it. Other wise it is a bad connection somewhere.

Unfortunately there are no schematics available for these units. Your best bet would be to take it to a repair facility or have a handy person look at it for you.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

While I was waiting for your answer, the motor started working again. As I thought, it needed to cool as you have stated in your answer. Hopefully by cleaning it the motor will not reheat again. I have a housecleaning lady using it, but have no reason to believe she was abusing it.

There was no odor coming from the motor so I did not suspect the motor was burned out. I did suspect a possible overheat switch may be in the circuit but as you said there are no schematics and very little information about it. Thank you for your answer and am accepting it even though the problem has already been resolved.

If the problem persists you need to have the carbon brushes of the motor looked at. This is the most common reason that electric motors get hot, aside from abuse that is.

Thank you for the accept.

Best, THS