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Experience:  Factory/company training at MAJOR retailer, now owns and operates an appliance repair business.
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When my Maytag Neptune washer was washing a load of laundry,

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When my Maytag Neptune washer was washing a load of laundry, I heard a "pop" sound from the laundry room, and there was an electrical burn smell. The washer had stopped and wouldn't start again, but the dryer (gas) still works. Any idea what this could be?
The MAIN controller for the washer is located on the RIGHT/TOP section of the DRYER. The problem is likely to be a failed resistor there which was common on this and may other Neptune machines. Tell me , is the washer able to do ANYTHINg ie can it spin/drain, fill ANYTHING?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It seems to be able to fill, and drain the water, and it makes a sound, but I couldn't get it to spin.
Is the door locked light on or off when it should be spinning?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I checked by turning the knob to "spin" on all three cycles. Door locked sign only came on with Perm Press cycle, not with regular or delicates. No spinning on any of them.
Your MOST LIKELY problem is a failure of resistor "R-11" on the main control board. To repair this, you MUST replace the main control board, part # 22004325R which is around $200 Sears pricing but available at ANY appliance parts house. ALSO, you must replace the WAX MOTOR , which is a part of the washer door lock assembly. It is part # XXXXX , $22.97 from Sears. To VERIFY this problem, you can access the main controller from the TOP/RIGHT corner of the dryer section and you will see the main controller . It will most likely have an EXTREMELY discolored or open resistor at position "R-11". This is UNMISTAKEABLE, but because there are MANY resistors on this board, CAREFULL checking is in order. The wax motor in the door lock assembly is the cause of the problem, but the undertolerated resistor on the board is the effect and WILL cause the symptoms as you have described them. I have included a link to the service manual for your machine which is an added bonus for you, but it will tell you EVERYTHING you have ever wanted to know about this entire machine, SPECIFICALLY how to access the control board which is on page 9-3, and the wax motor which BEGINS on page 5-5. Based on your description of the symtoms and my experience with these machines, this is your problem and replacing these parts will solve the problem. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE SERVICE MANUAL.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Eric, one more question...I don't have the skills to repair this myself, and in fact this machine is built into a custom-made closet, so I don't even have access. If you were a 66 year old woman, with no one to help--would you just buy a new unit? We've had good use out of this one, but it's fairly old, isn't it?


Thanks so much.

I apologize Ma'am , I never assume 1) A customers gender and/or age and
2) That customers' ability to complete a repair based on this information but that being said, I DEFINITELY understand what you are asking!

Now, my PERSONAL opinion on these Neptunes is that they were complete and total junk and not worth repairing ANYTHING on but, once again that is MY opinion but I know I share it with MANY other technicians (though some will argue even THAT point though and defend this machine to the death!!) . I have been working on them since just after they came out and they are a can of worms if I ever did see one. The cost of the parts alone can be a deal-breaker in my book, because I can almost guarantee that this will NOT be the last time you ever have to repair this machine. You must have access to the machine to work on it from the TOP and FRONT to do this repair , and most companies are going to charge you between $90-200 to perform this repair PLUS the cost of parts. MY company will charge $148.50 PLUS parts so this would cost you ABOUT $300, but every area has different pricing depending on the company. A NEW machine comparable to this will be between $600-1300 but will NOT be a Neptune because they stopped making them, at least that particular design. The size of the Neptune means that you could PROBABLY get a stackable front load Whirlpool-made (my personal favorite, although all NEW Maytags ARE WHirlpools) washer and dryer for the same space and I GUARANTEE that you will have less trouble with one of those , but they are not perfect either and NO washer / dryer today will give you guaranteed trouble-free operation. A used comparable Neptune system just like what you have will cost you between $200-600 from an HONEST person or company, once again depending greatly on your area, because that is all they are worth, if that. PLEASE let me know if you need further information. Im here to help!
Eric and 5 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
I see you asked another question in the GENERAL category but I will answer it here AND I will contact customer service to make sure you are not charged again. That model IS a Whirlpool build and design even with the Maytag logo on it BUT, it is NOT a front load washer. It is a TOP loader and is based on Whrlpool's TRIED and TRUE direct drive washer design, with a standard gas dryer attached. This is a great machine and I believe that as long as you are willing to go away from the benefits of a front-loading washer, you will find this machine is cheaper to repair and should provide years of dedicated service to you. From a technicians' perspective, it is NO different than any other Whirlpool direct-drive laundry center and there are MANY of these in the field, branded under the Whirlpool, Kenmore, and Maytag names. Hopefully this answers your question and please remember that you can ask more questions about THIS specific topic WITHOUT BEING CHARGED again if you use the same method to correspond that you used in our original question/answer session.

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