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how do you change the water filter on a maytag fridge freezer Model

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how do you change the water filter on a maytag fridge freezer
Model GC2225GEKB
Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer. You will find it in the top of the fridge. Here are Maytag's instructions:

Water Filter Removal and
Installation ([select models)
Replacing Water Filter
Important: Air trapped in system may cause water
and cartridge to eject. Use caution when removing.
1. Turn filter counterclockwise until it releases from
filter head.
2. Drain water from filter into sink, and dispose in
normal household trash.
3. Wipe up excess water in filter cover and continue
with hTitialInstallation, steps 2 and 4.
The filter should be changed at least every 12 months.
Important: Condition of water and amount used
determines life span of water filter cartridge. If water
use is high, or if water is of poor quality, replacement
may need to take place more often.
To purchase a replacement water filter cartridge,
contact your dealer.
The dispenser feature may be used without a water
filter cartridge. If you choose this option, replace filter
with blue bypass cap.
Initial Installation
The water filter is located in the upper right hand
corner of the fresh food compartment.
1. Remove blue bypass cap and
retain for later use.
2. Remove sealing label from
end of filter and insert into
filter head.
3. Rotate gently clockwise until
filter stops. Snap filter cover
4. Reduce water spurts by
flushing air from system.
Run water continuously for
two minutes through
dispenser until water runs
steady. During initial use of
water dispenser, allow up to one minute delay
while water tank fills before water dispenses.
• Additional flushing may be required in some
households where water is of poor quality.

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