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Model 110.42822 201(Kenmore). We wash clothes on the No Spin

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Model 110.42822 201(Kenmore). We wash clothes on the No Spin cycle and then will spin them on low speed after the wash cycle is complete. Spinning on high or medium speeds shakes the machine pretty hard. Now when we start a drain and spin cycle it never spins the tub fast enough to get the water out, no matter what speed we select. Also the timer never really times down accurately. It will start the drain and spin cycle for 21 minutes and stay at 21 minutes for 10 minutes. Bad timer? I don't have a wiring diagram, not sure it would help at this point.
Hi...Is there water in the tub when you open the door after the drain and spin cycle...?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Have you tried cleaning out the filter in front..?.Making sure bottom hose is not clogged..The tub spinning has nothing to do with getting the water out.The water pump pumps the water out before you get a fast spin...If theres water in the tub while spinning that will make it shake and not spin to full speed..Make sure the pump is pumping all the water first....What you can do is after you think the pump has pumped the water out remove the bottom hose...That will guarantee all the waters out...There will be a bit of water still in the bottom have a small pan and some towels to catch the access..
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks for the help...seems to be ok after cleaning out filter
Great glad i could help...Thanks Bob