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model WFW9200SQ, fault code F-21. owner reset circuit breaker

Customer Question

model WFW9200SQ, fault code F-21. owner reset circuit breaker to turn machine off [could not reach plug]...upon my subsequent selecting of DRAIN/SPIN would introduce water to basin, but there would not be any spinning of load [one can hear "gurgling" of water being removed from basin. manually adding 1.5 buckets of water to basin, and again selecting DRAIN /SPIN, pump forcefully ejects all water from basin [repeat process to make sure drain is clear, same results].
after finding tech sheet and using "manual diagnostic test" washer cycled through C:00 door locks, C:01 fill/cold inlet, C:02 distribution system is set to Prewash pos., C:03 fill hot/inlet, [skip C:05, no heater], C:06 drain pump is on [and although not noted in overview test program, drum turns at wash speed]. test program at this point ends with no default codes, although the overview test program calls for C:07 drum rotates CCW from 35-90 rpm, and then C:08 drum rotates at CCW max. speed.
upon first "manual diagnostic test", when entering the sequences of hold/release, the fault code F21 did flash. a second manual test did not flash fault code but did perform as the first test without going into C:07-C:08.
all l.e.d.'s light for 5-seconds during test mode
software codes:U:01, U:00, C:00, C:01, then n:00...not sure what i was to observe here (?)
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  master appliance tech replied 8 years ago.
is there any water in the tub after a drain?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
part of my original post did not copy and goes on :
i removed the pump from the machine , as well as the discharge hose. no debris in pump . or "coins" in discharge line. removed "boot" from bottom of basin, no debris in boot or inside drum as best as i could feel and run my fingers around. the recommended reading for resistance on pump motor is 15.8 ohms, actual reading was 18.5 ohms.
checked the pressure switch by applying air and could definitely hear click on-and click off when releasing air pressure [checked for continuity, and was able to "ring out" two terminals , but did not look for other sequences, pin-x N.O. /pin-y N.C.], besides...
any selected cycle [Normal Wash, Delicates, etc.] begins as expected [time of cycle shows up in display window, door locks, water enters spin.
checked for loose harness wires/connections....did not unplug and re-plug connectors. did not measure resistance of motor, motor turns freely in both directions and the drum turns freely in both directions, no binding.
checked the line voltage early on, 119-121 volts.
Expert:  master appliance tech replied 8 years ago.
you need to check power going into the motor control board and unplug them and re plug them in it sounds like your motor board has gone out
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
if it was indeed the motor board [and the motor turns in the CW direction, at "wash" speed during the diagnostic test] , why would i not get a fault code for the motor board.[especially since the "diagnostic test" does not appear to complete the diagnostic cycle....see original post that tech sheet calls for C:07, and C:08 which are CCW rotation and high speed CCW spin, respectively? from my best recollection there are numerous fault codes for MCU or CCU failures....thank-you
Expert:  master appliance tech replied 8 years ago.
well F-21 is just a communication error. so if you want the answer i got from whirlpool a few months ago that was to replace the MCU CCU the user interface and the door latch.

if you want my answer because i have see this a few times. it is "you need to check power going into the motor control board and unplug them and re plug them in it sounds like your motor board has gone out"

99% of the time when i see this error it is from corrosion on the MCU so you can unplug it and plug it back in and it should fix it if not check for power it sounds like you have the tech sheet so you should be able to check power there.   
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i will try your suggestion and see if indeed that does solve the problem. i have not been able to try anything prior to today because i had to remove the washer and install new unit. the machine we are talking about is currently waiting to be confirmed to the junk heap or if as you say it is simply corrosion on the contacts to the MCU, then perhaps it will live again [it is currently less than two years old, but was a replacement unit for it's twin sister who after less than two years threw a bearing and ate[ground] away the inner drum ring, which of course was not covered under the all inclusive 5yr warranty.....i will accept your response at that time.... again i ask, why does the diagnostic mode not detect an incomplete diagnostic cycle?